Dark Nights: Death Metal Vinyl Records

Looks like DC is re-issuing issues 1-3 of Dark Nights Death Metal with 7 " vinyl singles.

There are also two “full soundtracks” inspired by the comics. They don’t seem to actually come with comic issues:

The first is a limited edition of 2,000:

The second is supposedly also limited edition but doesn’t list the run. Superman variant cover:

Also available through Loma Vista directly with CD and digital options:

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Careful ordering from Loma Vista if you want your stuff minty. They don’t have the best track record with packing.

Yea I got an email about this last night and ordered everything. Big fan of vinyl stuff. Ordered this when it first came out

I almost bought all of them. Until… I found that there will be multiple LE2000 copies floating around. Walmart, Newbury Comics, Barnes and Nobles, Direct , etc etc etc. Some even have the same cover art but have different color vinyl records. I just couldnt do it. Cool concept though. I will probably end up with one of each single and a soundtrack album to frame.