Darth Vader 3

I had a pretty crazy experience today I thought I would share.

I’ve been thinking about investing more into DV3 ever since I bought a 4th print a month ago. It seems like a no brainer good investment. I spent about 3 hours yesterday scouring the internet looking for good buys on the book but didn’t pull the trigger on anything.

I was at my LCS this morning and I bought a few things. I was sending in a CGC box today and the owner had a couple books he wanted to send so I took them. Later in the day I had to ask him a question about one of the books so I text him. He replied with “You won’t believe what I just bought form Keiron Gillen’s dad just now.” I thought he was kidding but turns out Gillen’s dad lives in Asheville NC and showed up at the shop with 4 DV3 first print graded 9.8’s.

He told me he wanted to get at least $400 each for them. I told him he should hold onto them waiting for her to appear in a show or movie but he said he was selling them right away to get his money back. I asked him how much for all 4 and he came back with $1400 which is $350 a piece. At that point I told him I was on my way.

Im pretty pumped about the purchase. I can afford to wait on them so I think they will only go up.


:flushed:. Hmmm …

Nice one man! For sure will continue to rise in value, especially once something is announced for her.

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I bought my 9.8 CGC for $90… :wink:

I’m still sitting on 2 x 1:25 ratios though… maybe I should get them graded, I know one is a definite 9.8. Might be worth the hassle in getting graded.


The 1:25 ratios are going for crazy prices right now.

Yup. I got one for cover price and I think I bought the other one for like $25 long ago. :slight_smile:


Selling for over $2k in 9.8, only problem would be the 3 month CGC wait time. But I don’t see any upcoming announcements from Disney in that would cause the value to decrease.

Gratz! I have a few copies myself and 2 9.8 candidates at the graders.

Imo…I will not sell these untill at a minimum the next Disney investor meeting “if” they mention her.
Heck, I’m still holding my Heir to the Empire #1 9.8 despite Thrawn mentioned.
Unless you are in dire straights…I don’t think it’s wise to sell any of these big player books yet.
First appearance in a show after whispers (like Ahsoka) or the first glimpse in a trailer is my rule now.

Totally agree. I’ll hold these and I have a couple Thrawn 1 9.8’s until they get more press.

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Nice! You may have missed the boat when they first came out but for one you are buying CGC 9.8 copies under currant fair market value and you are also buying before any (inevitable) live action announcement. In my opinion you did very, very well! I can see a day not too far off where 9.8 copies of cover A are easily going for a grand each!

Yeah, I got my first one for ratio when it first came out and about two years ago bought another one for $80 on Ebay. I still can’t believe how crazy this book is getting without an official live action announcement!

Thanks, I think it could go for over $1k also if they announce a show. I’ll hold out. It’s all paid for at this point from other sales so I can afford to wait.

Solid purchases. All I have is a 2nd print CGC 9.8 that I sent off for grading myself and a CGC 9.6 4th print that I bought slabbed months ago.

I’m never letting this go.


I’ve been eyeing the auctions for the DV 3. I think I wanna go for a raw copy.

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I have like 10 raw auctions in my watch list. I would have never bought graded except for the situation in this thread.

the 1:25 is prone to color rub on the back cover, makes 9.8s harder to come by. order number for the book was like 85k i think pretty similar number to uf4. depending on the show of course i think the incentive could easily hit 10k in 9.8


I think Aphra will skyrocket when they announce her. It’s also a key for the 2 murder droids she has which are also awesome. I think the underrated key will be Darth Vader 1 which has the evil wooky in it. Black Krrstan or however you spell it or say it.

dv #1 5th print is already climbing in price, suspect comicspro and alex ross bounty hunter variant will follow

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Nice score.

I had 2 NM copies which I sold one long ago. Now I’m just waiting for some news for me to sell my last copy.

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