Dc and their foil incentives

whats dcs upper managements infatuation with 1:50 foil covers ?
are people really ordering 50 cause its foil or cause it a 1:50?

I like the foil 2nd print 1:25s and the coming 1:100 Hughes Harley. I do like the DC foil ratios way more than the Marvel 1:100 virgins or 1:50 Hidden Gems

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Foils are amazing, I love collecting foil covers and DC are killing it with the art they choosing for those covers. I have the Poison Ivy Warren Louw and Harley Quinn Artgerm on my list when I find them below ratio.

Foil is just another gimmick. It does nothing to enhance the cover more. In the end, you’ll just be disappointed in the spine ticks…

Its just slapped onto one of the others covers. I prefer non-foil covers.

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Can foil covers be pressed out?

When I asked this question to an experienced presser he indicated that a lot of foil flaws are beyond repair due to the nature of the surface. However, I believe mild waves and non-colour-breaking indents can be resolved by someone who knows what they are doing.


Who needs writing or new characters when foil covers gets shops to buy more copies than they might ever sell?


Retailers acting like consumers is bad for the industry!

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I am going to publish the first all foil comic. And then a year later slap an acetate cover on it.

It will surely be the next Miles Morales.


Don’t forget to have an affair with the wife of the company that helps you do all this.

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And there it is….was wondering how long before the first infidelity joke.

But wouldn’t @Anthony ’s wife be the one having the affair with the company helping him?

Anthony would lose the Jeep too😜

How about an all tin foil comic…that also folds into a hat!

i can see 2 companies attempting this

whatnot and bad idea

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Bad Idea would make it the first “invisible” all foil comic…


Scratch and sniff is the future of comics, not foil.

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its been done and no one cared

I still have my Ren & Stimpy #1 that was a scratch and sniff comic… :slight_smile:

see strawberry shortcake