Hello Team,

I’m reaching out today to see if the team can help decide which of the following has legs (growth) considering:

  1. DC Present 26 CGC 9.6 ($500) → Titan Show
  2. Batman Beyond CGC 9.6 ($750) → No movie announced
  3. Harley Quinn nn (ALEX ROSS) CGC 9.8 ($600) → Can’t afford BA12

If someone has GPA for these, I would appreciate very much if they can share the data.

Thank you

maybe beyond due to process of elimination,
Titians is going into its 3rd season already not seeing another bump
harley quinn it is not ba12

DCCP #26 $475 (with a couple of recent sales over $500)
BB #1 $775 but lots of 2021 sales up into the 800s and 900s
HQ $425 buts lots of 2021 sales in the $500-600 range (and one massive outlier at $1130, which could be a shill)

These are Go Collect, not GPA. The Go Collect FMVs seem really out of touch with sales over the last few months on lots of books. I wonder what the policy is on current price rises, because they are not keeping up with reality!

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Glad I bought DC Present #26 CGC 9.6, its pushing 1K while Batman Beyond #1 CGC 9.6 seems to be dropping.

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Nice one. With several first appearances of characters who have stayed the course, it was a good book to choose. Congratulations.

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I have not looked at completed sales of CGC graded copies of #26 in probably a year and a half or so. About time it is seeing some big gains!