DC Comics Announces New "Joker" Ongoing Series

Helmed by new Batman scribe and creator of Punchline, James Tynion will team up with Guillerm March for a new, ongoing Joker series. It is slated to launch in March, 2021. This is the first Joker series since 1975-76.

The solicit seems to be that an aging Jim Gordon on the verge of retirement is determined to lock Joker up once and for all. Meanwhile Joker is being hunted by extremely powerful forces who will not let the Commissioner stand in their way!

This book also plans on expanding on Punchline and her post-Joker War plans (as seen in Punchline #1) in a backup story by Mirka and Adolfo.

Here is an image of the Mattina variant cover of Joker #1.

…and Cover A.

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I’ll try the first issue, don’t expect to be wowed.

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Is it Tynion or DC in general that leaves you unenthused? <---- honest question, not being sarcastic or an ass hat.

Neither of those covers do anything for me. Bets on how many variant covers and store exclusives there will be? I’ll guess at least a dozen.

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At least. I have only seen 4 covers total. Above are my two favorite.

Im a Punchline nerd so I feel like I’ll likely grab that Mattina cover, but I’m also trying to limit myself to 1 cover per book to save space.

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A dozen? You’re lowballing imma say 20 variants for the Joker.


I didn’t take it as sarcastic, no worry. I like both of those things, I just feel the Joker is kind of boring as his own character without someone to play off of. He’s fine against Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor (like that one, “Action Comics,” issue Paul Cornell wrote, if I remember correctly), and so forth. If they make him the focus and less of a supporting character, however…eh?

I think Tynion said that its really a Gordon book. It will sell 5x as many copies if its called Joker instead of Gordon. Ill give it a try.

Tynion said Joker is as much a Joker book as it is a Jim Gordon book. Protagonist and antagonist, I think.

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I think I will give it a go - I think punchline has a lot of good potential.

Well this book was released today and I really enjoyed both stories. I’m also happy that it had a card stock cover!

Yes, I am Batman and family biased, but I really enjoy what Tynion has been doing with Gotham.

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It’s been a while since I last posted on this series, but the whole 15-issue run was great and set up some really cool premises and mythos-building around Joker, Gordon, Bane, and DC’s criminal underworld. I really enjoyed it and as previously stated I am DC/Batman biased but I feel like a lot of people liked this series.

It doesn’t look like anyone has posted about the third volume that is coming out so I figured I’ll post about it here: Joker - The Man Who Stopped Laughing. Written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Carmine Di Giadomenico the series will seemingly pick up where the last volume left off.

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It was a solid series that got a surprising lack of attention besides the daughter of Bane early on.

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Yes, the whole reworking of Bane’s origin and Santa Prisca was really cool IMO plus :black_joker: first night in jail in the annual was great.

It was really a Gordon book. Im glad they are continuing Gordon stories as the backup in Detective.