DC Fear State

Seen this on Molinas IG liking the artwork for covers and Batman has been a great read for me so I wanna see where this goes.

Madness consumes Gotham City this fall in DCFearState Had a BLAST working on these 6 insane covers, will upload some of the original artwork later. #Repost @jorge_molinam


For a minute I thought that was Moon Knight next to Batman lol.


I haven’t read this, but I really like the character design! Cool stuff.

Good stuff. I feel like ghost maker is really starting to take off, people are loving his second stories. I’d grab those Batman 1021:25 with him on the cover (his first full app) if I didn’t have one already.


I agree! I had a bunch of the Batman 102 because I liked the cover, and just grabbed 3 of the 1:25’s. Love those design variants!

I have slight interest as when Scarecrow is used well he’s a great character. I may give it a browse…

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Continuing with my slow catch up on comics, in issue 1043 of Tec we get a couple first appearances: Sundowner (as part of Task Force Z who is also seen here in their first team appearance, I believe.) Also a character by the name of Nero XIX is also introduced.

My copy of the issue is a little beat up on the corners so I may grab an additional copy when I am next at my LCS. I’m not grabbing all of the Fear State tie ins, but so far I am really enjoying the event!

In other news, I’ll be dropping Justice League. Bendis just doesn’t do it for me.

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Bendis is just not any good anymore.

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So in issue 85 of Nightwing we finally have Seer (Anti-Oracle for those of you in Rio Linda) revealed. Multiple panels, full body, etc. Up until now she has just been text boxes and a generic eyeball logo. She could just be a Fear State character (appears to be working with Simon Saint) but as Future State still has the Magistrate program in effect, she may have some legs.

According to the solicits for Batman #117, we will find out who she is in that issue.

So in issue 117 of Batman we FINALLY get a full body one panel image of the person behind The Seer. We also get two panels of a new character (not sure if hero, villain, or somewhere in between) of a new character called The Tutor.


So I actually screwed up, as I have been slow to read last week’s comics. I believe that Nightwing is actually the first full appearance of Seer as we see her in multiple panels AND the book takes place first chronologically.

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