DC Horror: The Conjuring

I’m not much of a DC fan as of late. However, I have enjoyed some of their non-superhero stuff. Not much spec here, but I wonder if it will be a good read?
I’m a sucker for the horror comics.

Oh cool, I’ma pick this up. I enjoyed all of the conjuring and insidious movies.

I picked up the VHS Variant

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There might be some spec with this. The Conjuring is one of the better horror series right now, and I usually don’t like ghost and devil possession horror movies, but these are pretty good. The movies have a bit of a following .

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This book ties-in to the new movie that releases a few days later. The artifact and demonic character that is shown on the book is also in the movie. I’ll be getting Cover A since I see the demonic character and the artifact behind her. More importantly, I’m not aware of any other comics or appearance with the main characters from The Conjuring universe. It’s possible that Ed and Lorraine Warren could make an appearance in this series even though they aren’t the focus of the book.

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Just to revisit this thread:

  1. I thought the movie was very, very enjoyable. Both the wife and I loved it and most of the folks in the theatre seemed to like it. Will it win an Academy Award? Of course not…but as far as the series, a good horror flick goes…great entertainment.

  2. The comic is also great and I thought it did a good job of working with the movie and giving even more detail. Also, each issue has a little “extra” story at the end that is essentially a tale based on artifacts from the Warren’s creepy collection room.

At any rate, I’d recommend both the film and the comic. I’m going to be sure to grab the whole series now.


I enjoyed the comic. Haven’t watched the movie yet as the kids have been not going to bed as early and don’t want them awake all night with nightmares. Lol. I love the movies on HBO+ in theaters at the same time.


My local comic shop actually rented out a theatre and planned a fun event for the release and their customers. Sort of a package deal which included the comic/tickets/popcorn.
Was really nice to get out and interact.
They had some prize give aways and I even won a NECA Annabelle figure.

Let me know if you liked the film.


Watched this last night. Thought it was alright. And I love scary movies and the Warren move verse, but honestly I think the nun was better and I did not like that movie. Overall 6/10.

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I really want a comic with Annabelle and the Warrens. I would get it slabbed and hang it on my wall. Loved the new movie, but the comic not so much. I’m still buying them all.

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