DC on the Facsimile Bandwagon

Anyone see in the new previews that DC is jumping on the facsimile bandwagon? I guess them seeing that Marvel’s facsimile has been pretty successful, they don’t want to feel left out.

Looks like they have Batman #232, first Ra’s Al Ghul.

And then House of Secrets #92, first appearance of Swamp Thing.

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Interesting. Im curious if these will include the original ads too. :+1:

I saw these a while back looking at Diamond. I am all on board for these.

Can’t blame DC. Marvel has had great success with them. It’s hard to imagine these books were under a buck back in the day and now all they’re doing is reprinting them and charging $4 to $5 for them… we consumers are suckers!

What I would love to see is facsimile’s that use the same paper from back in the day along with the original price tag, that would be awesome!