DC Recommendations

So I’ve never been a really big DC reader but if anyone has any recommendations I’m a sucker for a good origin story and I’ve heard it’s some dark and brutal DC stuff out there so throw me some good recommendations, one offs, full runs, crossovers, I’m open to reading anything

Read Batman:Hush, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: The Court of Owls, Batman: Year One. Batman: The Killing Joke, Sinestro Corps. Superman: Red Son, Teen Titans: Judas Contract that’s all I got off top.


Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, Pretty much anything either of those guys wrote is good. All Star Superman is excellent.


I 2nd what @ToddW says.

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I third Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and while you’re digging into the occult greats, Gaiman’s Sandman.

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Batman Year one, watchmen, dark knight, batman adventures mad love, grant morrison batman and robin.

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Superman Earth One. Different take on Superman.

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The only DC book on my pull was The Last God, great series.

My DC favorites are Watchmen, Batman Hush and Batman The Long Halloween. Sandman is a good read too- volume 1 Preludes and Nocturnes is my favorite. The whole series is 9volumes?? But really good. I also enjoyed Fables from the Vertigo imprint. the whole series I believe is also like 9 or 10 volumes, but very enjoyable.

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Identity Crisis is one of my all time favorites.
As brutal as they come in many ways.
It’s a series I give to folks who say comics are for little kids.


Thanks for you recommendations everyone
If you also have any omnibus picks ups you recommend let me know :call_me_hand:t3:

All Star Superman is a superb take on the character. Moore’s Swamp Thing is mind-boggling (in a good way). Miller’s Dark Knight stuff. Watchmen. I loved Crisis on Infinite Earths (ground-breaking in its day). Kingdom Come. So much good stuff to choose from : ) Happy reading!

“The Filth,” was a Vertigo comic, so kinda DC. It was amazing. The best thing Morrison has ever written along with their run on New X-Men.

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Some great recommendations made here. In addition, some of my favorites are Superman (V1) Annual 11 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Superman for All Seasons, Justice League The Nail, JLA/Avengers, Denny O’Neill & Neal Adams GL/GA, O’Neill & Adams Batman run, Englehart & Rogers Batman run and Grant Morrison’s JLA.

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I need to read Moore and Gibbons Superman. The one major Alan Moore work I haven’t read.

Once I get my giant Star Wars re-read out of the way for this pet project, I’ll be headed that direction for sure.

You’ll find reading Moore & Gibbons’ Superman a very satisfying experience!

Grant Morrison’s JLA run in the late ‘90s was really good. The whole run of New 52 Batman is wonderful. It’s a bit shorter, but Earth One: Teen Titans was a good read. Judas Contract, All-Star Superman, the 2 issue “What Ever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow” by Alan Moore, all great reads. I am a sucker for Dan Jurgens run on Batman Beyond also.

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I’m a big silver age flash fan so 105-150

Great story. One of my favourites! Recently revisited in the main Justice League title…

This thread is causing me to think about the relatively weak correlation between the quality of a story and the value of a book. So many great books on here and many are available for relatively peanuts.

Action Comics #775 (Superman v The Elite) is one of my all-time favourite Superman books. Great story and great art. 9.8’s available for $80!

How different the list of most valuable books would be if they were based on quality, rather than demand and supply, first appearances, etc.