DC’s 5G

This is going to be long so just stay with me on it. It’s everything i have been able to piece together about DC’s upcoming 5G.

First up 5G stands for five generations. Essentially there will be Gen 1 will be a golden age world. Gen 2 will be a silver age world. Gen 3 will be a Bronze Age world. Gen 4 will be rebirth/new 52 ear and finally Gen 5 will be the new DCU. All the gens will exist at the same time and be the new multiverse. DC is linking key stories out of each time period to have a cohesive timeline.

So what’s different. DC realizes that Marvel books generally spank DC books. DC is less approachable than Marvel for new readers. That’s were gen 5 comes in. Gen 5 introduces an older Superman with Jonathan Kent taking over as Superman. That’s right two supermen at one time. The original Superman will be more in a role like Invincible’s dad in Invincible. They won’t always see eye to eye. More hard core dc readers will like Gen 1-4 depending on which age of comics you enjoy the most. The thing to remember is that each gen is a different part of the multiverse. All happening at one time.

Wally West is the New Dr. Manhattan and will being cruising around the Multiverse in the Möbius Chair. He takes the powers and the chair in Flash Forward #6

Now the question is, when is all this supposed to start? Well, most people do not realize it has already started. The first “g5” story has already taken place and was released not long ago. Wonder Woman #750 contained a story called “A Brave New World”. That story I just mentioned will be reprinted for Free Comic Book day on May 2nd.


Bleeding Cool already covered this. There’s a few articles about it.

I don’t think a lot of people here read bleeding cool, for varying reasons. My reason is their site is infested.

As well and forgive me but you always come across as rude. This isn’t the first time you’ve pointed out a topics been covered elsewhere. I knew nothing about this until I read this article. So while it maybe old news to some it’s new to others.

Who wastes their time going to Bleeding Stool? And who cares what Bleeding Stool has done?
Thanks for letting us know, and summerizing what BC did, MJ. You are a beacon of hope…

I don’t read bleeding cool. At all. So I have no idea what the post or don’t post.

I had read about WW750 being the first story in the new DC Unis (post DDC), but I wasn’t clear on exactly how DC was going to approach it.

And I disagree that Marvel ‘spanks’ DC on the sales charts. Yes, Marvel sells more books, but the quality, and sheer number, of a lot of those titles are sub par. Marvel outs out a lot more titles w/ a whack load of variants. DC tends not to do those same things, imo. DC still has a decent amount of books in the top 25 every month.

http://bleedingstool.com/ is awesome… I love going there to just stare at all it’s glory! :stuck_out_tongue:


That is funny.

I’m so confused about 5G.

So Batwing is in the 4G universe now, does that mean he jumps to 5G, leaving 4G behind, to become 5G Batman? While Bruce remains Batman in 4G?

I was looking forward to Brice retiring the cowl. I guess he’ll be hanging out in 4G.

So will there be 5 Batman titles…one for each “G”? Or will the single Bat-book just hop around the multiverses…?

Nope. There are more than one Batwing. There is one on 4G and one on 5G. So there could be 5 different Batman one on each world. Or there could be a world where Batman died. Or a world where Bruce Wayne retires but not on a different world.

dunno if it means anything (possibly just dc not wanting the whole 5g “china is spying on us” stuff to confuse people) but the fcbd book from dc is supposedly being called generation zero now (maybe dc will change it to something else before it actually gets printed)

if flash is once again going to be the cause of rewriting dc’s timeline…based on shear number of people he’s wiped out of existence, he’s gotta have a higher kill count than nearly everyone else hero or villain…

So…does that mean “three jokers” could turn into 15 Jokers?


I’m skeptical, but open to something new. I just hope they don’t come out with cheesey titles like “Batman 5G!” People will think it Bruce Wayne got a new wireless plan.

“That Bruce Wayne so rich…his wireless technology runs on 5G!!”


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