Dc’s $6 Book

This is about pushing digital comics on people and removing the physical copies all together. The less physical copy readers they have the easier it will be to make justify it to the corporate turds at the top.

Look at my name. I’m a huge Batman nerd and that may be the ONLY book that I keep on my pull list at $6/ea.


[quote=“Calpounder, post:19, topic:3480”] I’ve
historically read a lot more DC than Marvel. I just liked how their stories were more dark. This has changed over the past year or so for me. I still like the darker content. There’s no way I’ll be grabbing multiple DC titles at $6 each.

Never thought I’d sour on DC,

This is basically me to a tee. I’m not a brand loyalist in comics, but Batman is just my guy since I was kid. Movies, cartoons, comics, etc. I just gravitate towards Batman. So by extension I picked up more DC. That being said, oddly enough the first title that I subscribed to was Brubaker’s Captain America lol. Speaking of Marvel…

…Marvel has been killing it lately with just about everything Donny Cates touches, Vader (I haven’t read the other Star Wars titles, save for High Republic), and I am enjoying Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Fantastic Four. That doesn’t even count Immortal Hulk, X-Men, and Daredevil titles that people love and rave about (but I just haven’t read so I have no opinion). If they keep putting out great content that is where my money will go. Also, let’s face it the MCU is cool because we get to see the characters we enjoy reading about on screen in one big cohesive universe.

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I fear you’re absolutely correct about moving toward digital. I will never support digital as I need that floppy in my hands so I can smell it. I’ve tried digital and it’s just simply not my thing. IF they (DC) go completely digital, then I’m out. Batman and Tec included. Maybe they’d still hopefully publish trades as the alternative, but if they don’t make physical material available, then I won’t make my money available to them. It’ll be Marvel, Image, Albatross, and Dark Horse etc…

MAYBE Bad Idea too? :thinking: :grinning: :grinning:

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Did DC communicate any reason for these price increases? Have not been following closely, but the least they could do is come out and say something. I suspect comic shops are already reeling from their split with Diamond and this just makes things worse.

Hopefully the next piece of news from DC is good news.

I dropped flash, Superman, and action comics.

Still buying all the Batman books, wonder girl, and justice league

I only get harley quinn for the PC. And the occasional black label book. That’s it for DC for me. Wonde how long it will be until DC is full digital :thinking:

They won’t go full digital. As I enjoy digital redemption codes to read books on the go, this price hike seems like a desperate attempt in hopes others join the party to become a new norm. They’re likely hurting and they’re doing what they can to boost some revenue.

If they did go full digital and kept the $5.99 price tag, shame on them (this is why I don’t buy digital comics at full prices, only redeem if they have a code with my physical purchase)… digital should be a fraction of the price cause all the costs in printing, shipping and such is cut out. Digital can be mass produced by a simple download and all it costs is small amount of storage and bandwidth to distribute.

I thought this was debunked. As of Batman #109 the price is still $4.99.

Not all have switched but since @Anthony also stated…

It’s likely going to be a slow gradual transition. They’re gonna keep raising the prices across the board more than likely. Ever since they split from Diamond, we’ve seen all their books go up… once upon a time their books were $2.99, then $3.99… then they did the card stocks that are an extra buck from the non-card stocks…

And now the regulars (not card stock) are seeing prices of $4.99. Thats how they getcha.


Could be they’re also just going to go the JCPenney (or Midtown or pick a retailer here) route and have high prices but SALES ALL THE TIME to make you think you’re getting a deal.

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Like Mile High Comics

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And Scouts Web store

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and we know how that has worked out for JCPenny :slight_smile:


Dc should be charging 3 dollars for their comic books and hire better writers instead of charging ridiculous prices for their books. Maybe use newsprint to produce their books cheaper and more cost effective .I enjoy reading more Image comic books than reading many of the comic books for Dc and Marvel.


I do not mind higher prices for higher quality and content. I love indy books and they tend to be more expensive. But often you get what you pay for.

Sure.Quality is important,but isn’t the goal of these comic publishers to make money?Why not appeal to the common man?

I do not disagree with you.

I think this is a factor, too. If physical sales trend downward, it’s more ammunition for DC’s digital-first or digital-only cheerleaders.

I’m not anti digital comics, but I refuse to pay the same price as a physical copy.


I believe your on point. This process will forced DC to go digital in short amount of time by justifying that their books are too $$$ to purchase per title, so we will go with a subscription model of $20 per month with unlimited content, but you will never OWN any title per se.

Also by going digital, they can cut cost and get rid of LUNAR or reduce any major distribution cost (FIRED MORE PEOPLE).

Watch my prediction. I say < 2 years, DC goes online subscription model AKA Netflix.

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