Dc’s $6 Book

DC is moving to $5.99 price points on Batman Superman and the Joker. More books to follow I am sure. So the question is, will DC readership support a $6 price point and will retailers continue to support DC at the increased cost to sell them?

I am not a big DC reader, just not my thing, but do pick up spec books and own a pretty good run of Batman and Detective. I want to hear what others’ thoughts are.

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I try to own the ones that say .10, .12, .15, on the cover


Holding the line at $5.99.

Batman has been my one staple since the late 80s…and I’ve waffled letting it go. I did for a few months the. Punchline roped me back in and I’ve been too lazy to drop it at $3.99…

If anything I’ve been keeping it on my pull as a loyalty to my LCS.

But if DC is trying to push me away who am I to argue.


ewww. I was auditioning Batman and Detective on my pull, but if they’re raising the price on one and moving back to double shipping the other… I’m probably out.

Theres like 5 people left working at DC so as long as it goes to them and not some parent company.

Part of my return to active collecting in 2016 was DC Rebirth at $2.99. Now we’re here five years later at double the price. I’ve already put more focus on sketches and back issue keys, which this encourages.

Been trying to get off the main Bat-Train since King left, but I like the art team and couldn’t ignore all the new first appearances. Not sure I want to support this, however. I’m sure Marvel would love to match the hike, if it holds. :-1:

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So much for that


I don’t think marvel cares how much they make on comic sales alone it’s just part of this big juggernaut of entertainment and toys and acts as advertising as revenue and for their own products.

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No more late fees is what helped bury blockbuster lol

They reduced their income to 1/3 when they did that, not by 1/3 but to 1/3.

No reason to pay $6 when I can wait a couple months and get it for .50



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If they follow the Future State lead, then the extra high cover price is for some other secondary story featuring a different character than the one advertised on the books Trade Dress. I’m not down for having to buy the Red Hood book, if I also want to read Batman. They are literally forcing you to buy a comic you don’t want, if you want to read Batman. If I wanted to spend extra money on Red Hood stories, I would have bought the Red Hood book. Don’t make me to pay extra $ for a Batman book, then give me 16 pages of Red Hood in the back of it.
DC is going to regret this, I think. At&T sucks.

To Eins and Drogs respective points. I’ve been reading Tec for 5-6 years. I’ve waffled a few times on dropping it. I think this may be the incentive I needed to do just that.


From what I am reading there are no backup stories or extra pages.

Okay. I’m not so worried then. But, it’s still a bad precedent to set.

Batman Urban Legends is the last time I pay over $6 for a new comic. Two of the stories were good, the rest I might as well have skipped. Batman Black and White, meh…and that last Future state book I read, it was completely lame.
I wasn’t much of a DC reader anyways, but I’m probably done with DC.

Well, if long or short term this lowers readership and therefor print runs it might be a good to keep an eye for first appearances.

I’ve had the main Batman and Tec books on the pull for years. I’ll likely continue picking those two up until the end of time, but it’s less and less other DC books with each passing month lately. Things like Mister Miracle and Strange Adventures will soon be no more if they go across the board with this $6 nonsense.

I’m mostly an Indy guy, but between the big two, I’ve historically read a lot more DC than Marvel. I just liked how their stories were more dark. This has changed over the past year or so for me. I still like the darker content, but the material they’re putting out isn’t great. Their spec is garbage compared to Marvel. There’s no way I’ll be grabbing multiple DC titles at $6 each. My son who is four really loves Spider-Man. I think because I have multiple UF4’s, I don’t have that jealousy in the back of my mind. I’ve been buying a lot more Marvel since my son expresses great interest in Spidey as well as Iron Man. I’m actually looking to buy a lower grade IM #1 right now in the 4.5 - 6.0 range.

Never thought I’d sour on DC, but I’m just not enjoying their books lately. Will likely just add my DC books through the back bins.


I’m reading less and less DC as it is. Besides grabbing the first issues of new series to give them a read and speculate on…that may be it soon.