DC weighs in on Jessica Cruz

Eh, not a fan of a hand as a first. Will likely still grab one to be safe but the JLs may be the book.

(Unless she is in that group panel)

Is that her way in the back right above Hal’s head? I’m not the most in tune with all the Lantern’s but it looks like it could be her.

Got a fat stack of GL#20 and JL30-31

I need to be picking up them Green Latern #28s New 52. I been slacking on those.

Are you saying you wouldn’t pay $350 for this authentic itchy and scratchy animation cell (like Bart did)?


Actually, I believe it was Homer’s money…


It’s always better when it’s someone else’s money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Itchy and scratchy is a whole new ballgame. Of course.

Worth every penny!!!

I think Bart may have used Santos L. Halpers credit card to buy that I&S animation cell. I’m not certain though. :joy:

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