DC weighs in on Jessica Cruz

I thought it was interesting that in the GL 80 page giant out today from DC they didn’t acknowledge the whole cameo vs first appearance thing. There was no mention of Justice League at all for Jessica Cruz. They went straight to listing her first appearance, in a printed comic, as GL 20. Curious if this might help GL 20, which had a much higher sticker price when it came out, gain some ground.

I’m not super familiar with the Jessica Cruz cameo/first debate. Can you briefly explain, @NotJon ? I thought JL was a cameo, and GL20 was 1st full, named, in costume.
I do have a 1:25 B&W GL20, so I’m pulling for GL20…:beers:

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DC doesnt care about cameo vs full appearance

DC might not but some of the creators… hrrmrmmmmggghhmm… cough cough… James Tynion… cough hrrmmmggghhh… apparently do! :stuck_out_tongue:

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True, but if DC is telling people what’s what the collector market may very well listen…hard! We’ll see. I have one of all her whatever appearances and one extra GL #20 so I really don’t have a dog in that fight. Wouldn’t mind the GL #20 B&W skyrocketing if she ever sees silver screen time.

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Star Sapphire would be my choice for female Lantern movie.

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Yeah, that’s exactly it. The interesting thing is in the GL 80th and a bunch of other DC books this month they’re all featuring splash pages with notable lanterns and their first appearances. Hers is listed at GL 20. I have both because I collect GL stuff, but I’m curious if this might help shore up 20 as a bigger key.

Yeah, she would be cool but I’m pretty sure Warner Bros. wants more diversity moving forward. If a Green lantern Corps. movie was ever made Cruz would probably be part of it along with Hal, Stewart and maybe Gardner…Just my guess. Would really like to see the Red Lanterns used in a movie.

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I had several copies of both books, but have sold all my JLs a long time ago, but held onto a few GL20s. I agree with @rob92807 that if they introduce any other Lantern character it will be Cruz, due to the diversity. M2c.

I’m a big fan of the Red Lanterns too

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That series was my guilty pleasure. Liked very little about the New 52 when it came to Lanterns, but it did feel like they were playing to my faves. It was cool that they made Kyle matter more, and it was pretty rad Guy had his own series. Neither New Guardians nor RL I felt were well written, but damn if I didn’t love both.

Oh, I know he has strong opinions, but I am curious, after seeing all my DC books this week have an ad telling me when Jessica first appeared in a comic, if that doesn’t help solidify GL is the “true first”. I don’t care which they pick. If it’s important to Lantern continuity and under 150.00 in a midgrade I own it. An embarrassing amount of my collection is GL, X-Men, or Spidey.


It doesn’t hurt that she is a pretty cool character either…and I’m sure they would cast a super hot Latina too!..Can’t go wrong with that!

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What is the actual app in GL 20? Any got a copy handy? Key has it as Jessica Cruz mentioned and hand shown in one panel. If that’s it, is a hand even a cameo?

CGC says on GL20 first appearance of Cruz in a one panel cameo with face not revealed.

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I’ll get the pics

I don’t know if she’s in the 2nd picture but that’s all the lanterns last page

I have the book it’s as thick as a trade

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Yep, it was part of that God Awful first lantern arc from when they’d decided there needed to always be a Lantern event going that effected every single title at any given time.