DCs 80s SPEC

Hello Team,

Reaching out once more to inquire which of the following is a good spec for 80s DC spec. Preferably 80s, but I guess if you got some good 90s spec, I’m open to listen.

  1. Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.6 ($400.00)
  2. Teen Titans #44 CGC 9.8 ($450.00)
  3. DC Present #26 CGC 9.2 ($400-$500)
  4. Others.

Thinking of possibly snatching up some DC spec before it get out of hand.

Please advise.


This is from the 90s though:
GL 48
GL 50
GL 51

DC Comics Presents #26 has too many firsts to not be taken seriously. There was a time when that book was an afterthought but those days are long over. A legit key and in my opinion the one you should chase. I’m not biassed as I have been collecting for decades and have all three. A close second is Teen Titans #2. Enjoy which ever one you decide to get first!


Might want to look into some of the DC horror keys from the 80’s/early 90’s (Swamp Thing, Constantine, Justice League Dark, Madame Xanadu, etc.). Horror comics in general seem to be getting more attention, and DC seems to be heading in that direction with at least some of their video output (HBO, movies, animated).

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Those are all good ones. A few I like are brave and the bold 200, detective comics 583, new teen titans annual 2, green lantern corps 201 & new guardians 2


Just curious… why New Guardians 2? We are talking about the Millennium spin-off, correct?


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Hey it’s the 1st appearance of SnowFlame the cocaine powered villian from 1988


Who did have a return in the Catwoman comic last year for an issue I believe


I think it was Catwoman #23, 1st Catgirl also.