DC's Harley and Joker Team Variants Cheap

I know a lot of shops that are carrying these are charging about $20 for them, but TFAW is carrying the Harley Quinn #1 Team Variant and the Joker #1 Team Variant for $6.99 each on pre-order.

Harley Quinn is by Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano and out 3/23/21

Joker team Variant is by Mark Brooks and is out 3/9/21

I added a couple to my pre-orders for the PC


Thanks! The Harley cover is pretty sweet. Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork for the Final Fantasy series is also breathtaking.

I might preorder the Yoshitaka Amano Variant cover because I’m a fan of Yoshitaka Amano and the cover is beautiful.I don’t know if it has long term staying power,but the cover is hard for me to pass up.

Amano has a lot of fans outside of comics. There might always be some demand for it.

I ordered them for the personal collection. I can say my LCS got the previous team variants and sold them at $19.99, so I skipped them. these I scooped up

Momoko had her fans before comics as well… we could be seeing a new artist step into the spotlight…


To be fair comparing the fans before doing more comics that Amano and Peach have is kind of apples and oranges. Amano doesn’t NEED to get any new fans to already be a super popular and well-known/respected artist.

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Love the Yoshitaka cover. I am really not a fan of how they made this so smaller shops cant order it though. I feel like it sets a bad precedent for the industry.

Well, I’m just speaking perhaps with comic book collectors… Momoko had her fans prior to comics, it took a bit for her to get crazy popular beyond her initial fan base…

I knew I recognized the Harley Quinn artist. All those Final Fantasy art books I’ve skimmed through

Right. The difference is that there are millions of Amano fans out there in the world already who may not be comic fans, so the possible number of people who find out about this later on and want it just for the art is magnitudes higher than it would have been for Peach starting out.

We’ll have to wait and see… I like her art but I can say I like Momoko’s style for comics a lot more for the most part.

Harley cover is now sold out at tfaw :eyes:

Edit: Looks like tfaw added some more, or there were some cart drops as it’s back in stock…for now.

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