DC's Punchline might have a series on HBO Max

This is a rumor. We will see what happens.

DC Comics’ Punchline Series Is In Early Development For HBO Max


SMH… :disappointed:

1.) Mikey Sutton has always been a liar.
2.) Geekosity is pure click-bait with no proven facts and sources.
3.) Punchline has not been around that long. No history. No rogues gallery. No solo series. Nothing established.
4.) Mikey Sutton has ALWAYS been a liar.


That is good to know. Thank you for sharing. I not familiar with Geekosity or Sutton. I was curious if there was merit to this.

For spec purposes, it’d be better if they let the character grow organically and introduce her to the screen much later. Maybe something animated for now to get fans’ juices flowing a bit.

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That what I was thinking. I could see a cartoon series. Sometimes series early on get picked up anyway. It is not a crazy idea that someone would want to pick up Punchline at some point because of the hype.

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Everyone knows the best comic news sites are we got this covered and cosmic book news

I’m a major Punchline nerd.


Thinking about it, I need Cover B of Hell Arisen 3. I was too slow on Mercari a couple weeks back :frowning:

Thinking those Batman 92 foils were a good bet. The Batman 89 and Hell Arisen 3 raws are still a decent price.

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LMAO. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I legit died laughing at this. Lords of the long box STAY pumping this dude up like hes something special. Every scoop hes given them has been some bullshit. Glad someone else agrees.


I put as much faith in this guy’s reporting as anything from wegotthiscovered.


Glad I’m sitting on a bunch of Bats#89 and HA#3

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You tubers need new content constantly so true or not they are gonna talk about it. But if they point to it as fact that’s different.

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