DCU SDCC Members give away

For those of us who are going to sdcc AND are emembers of the dcu streaming service, they are giving away these comics and posters each day.



Im loving the Swamp Thing book and the poster. :+1:

with permission from CHU, i will probably run a “raffle” for lack of a better term atm , this week. 1 poster per day. If Poyo or Anthony want to coordinate it then i am happy to oblige. They can draw the winners and i will send them out.

I have no need for posters, but i know a few of you enjoy them.

Doom Patrol by Doaly

Young Justice: Outsiders
By Chris Thornley

Titans by Ruiz Burgos

Swamp Thing by Cliff Cramp

Thats the order inwhich DC says i can pick them up

Sure. Just PM me or Anthony, or email either of us.

I agree, The Swamp Thing book and poster look sick!

That’s the coolest Lee Batman I’ve seen in a while. Call me crazy, but I prefer Jim Lee inking his own work.