Deadpool 3


Yup. My wife told key about it. I’m excited!!!

Nice!..I hope they keep the franchise R rated.

The article states it will be R rated.

Didn’t read the link but good to hear they are keeping what made it successful.

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Forget Wanda bridging the gap between the X-Men and MCU, let’s use Deadpool!

I think I’m gonna need to see a Deadpool/Captain America buddy comedy, a la 48 Hours or Lethal Weapon.

“According to the leak, Deadpool 3’s title will be Maximum Effort. That certainly makes sense for the superhero and Reynolds.

Moreover, Deadpool: Maximum Effort will supposedly have a February 2024 release date. If that’s accurate, then Deadpool will join the MCU towards the end of Phase 5. And it so happens that Marvel did not reveal any Phase 5 project for that period at Comic-Con. Disney Plus TV shows do not count, of course.

Finally, the leak claims that Zazie Beetz will return as Domino.”

I liked the second film more than the first. I have high hopes for the third part.


I liked the second a bit more. Both are fun but the second is just a treat.


I am glad they added two versions so I could bring my kids.

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The 2nd pg13 version was more filthy they just used bleeps

Only for those with a filthy mind to fill in the bleeps. Also had less gore. I liked the additional footage they added too.


Holy shot bigger news than anything at d23 or SDCC, Hugh returning as Wolverine.


Probably have the spoilers already if they are going to do the original script Deadpool Wolverine road-trip.

6 month after deadpool3 we get the first new avengers movie, wonder if they will use hugh to introduce the new mcu younger xmen

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An inside source told me Dafne Keen has been hired by Disney to reprise her role as X-23 of course I have no evidence of this other than Dafne Keen has been at Pinewood studios the last couple years filming His Dark Materials. Pinewood is where they film Marvel projects across the pond in the UK. I can say rumors without evidence too.


Wake me up in 2024…hard to get excited.

Sadly if I sent a book in for cbcs press and grade this movie would be out before I get it back.

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