Death Metal #4 Spoilers

First off we get a Zombie Sgt. Rock to open the book.

The most important thing about the book is it appears we already have met the Harley Who Laughs a couple issues in the story back just thinking she was regular old Harley Quinn. Apparently she too like Robin King killed her parents. Definitely want to read these pages…

Let’s not forget this book is about Batman Who Laughs aka the Darkest Knight, well it ends with him getting his way. It was his plan all along for the speedsters to take the Mobius chair and try and use it.


Cool. I ordered these store variants from comics elite cuz I really liked the cover.

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Dude if Robin King keeps getting to do all these dope ass monologues and keeps up with the utility belt shenanigans my Legends 1:25 books are gonna be looking nice as worthwile

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