Dept. of Truth Optioned?

Key Collector has sent an alert that Department of Truth has been optioned. Have not seen any sources but the alert just went out.

I wouldn’t be totally shocked if it was. It’s not an effects-heavy thing to film, it’s relevant, there’s a huge audience for “X-files-like” stuff still out there, etc.


I agree. Very good book. Great story. Not hard to do.

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Good news for my momoko variants…that will be delivered in January xp

I read issue 1 and thought it was great! Looks like I am late to buy more #1. Debating the issue 2 1:25.

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The amount of people who just bought all the rest of our cover A stock haha.

There’s still some cover b left, but it’s like watching a countdown in realtime.

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This is not even a confirmation:,320906/

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Dinesh is a partner with Krap Kollector. The ONLY way KK could get media info if it was Dinesh’s production company winning the bidding.

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There are still plenty of the #1 1:10 variants on Ebay for right around $5.

Black Cape just sent me a free copy for being late on a order lol

Should be a good flip if true.

I asked Tynion on Twitter if he knew but no response yet if he even will respond. So just in case I ordered a bunch from Midtown with the 25% off coupon they gave me so that worked out well.

I sold a couple of my foils today for a good profit. Holding a couple more just in case they take off. I read issue 1 and it was very good. Totally a great story premise for film/tv IMO. Although X-files and conspiracy are my favorites. So I am biased.

I don’t typically enjoy Tynions work. But this is a good one.

Such a giant print run is its only problem

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Probably why most of the 1:10 ratio variants on all issues can be found cheap.

For some reason, the 1:100 sells for way above ratio. Perhaps the cover. But the 1:50 is about 1/2 ratio. So I have purchased some of the 1:50. Some of the secret variant too. Even though that is 1:10. Lee Harvey is a prominent character.

That’s not it’s main problem, it’s an Image title and unproven series. This would be a different tune if it was well beyond the first issue.

Until it actually gets made into a show, the media options and deals are meaningless. They can make books slightly get a bump but it’s really the books without the media deal that see initial demand and heat coming from the small publishers and indie books that really take off when media or shows are announced.

It’d be nice if Key actually posted their source of media deal, backed with some facts. I’d take it with a grain of salt until a studio lays claim to such option.


Yeah, options are a dime a dozen. this would make for a good streaming show though. Fits that mold perfectly. I am not going nuts at all. Just bought #1 & #2 for the pc. If I like them I will continue with the series but I just can’t go nuts on anything from that app.

Department of Truth 1B at TFAW below Cover

Im just gonna say this: any movie/tv show that gets “optioned” after only two issues is doomed to fail. A book needs lots and lots of stories for a movie or tv show to be made. It needs an existing fanbase. All comic based movies and tv shows in the past decade have all been based on comics that have lasted many many years. If anyone thinks that Department of Truth is going rise in value or make a good spec now because of this so-called “announcement”, you are fooling yourself.

Market will be flooded now. Future issues will be ordered more. More store variants. More attention.