Descender & Ascender optioned for TV

Dustin Nguyen shared that Descender and Ascender have been picked up. Immediately, Key Collector sent an update which led to a buying frenzy. The regular cover first print is at $20, but the variants are hitting $50. Some of the con exclusive variants are listed at $100 or more.

I thought Descender already had an option once before, was it with Sony?


Ah, I guess it was reoptioned. Lol. If you got them, the selling is good.

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Well, Descender was optioned cause Ascender wasn’t out yet I think during the time. But yeah, it either lapsed or the new guys bought it. Time to list some Descenders… I still have a few of the really kick ass store variants for Descender.

Woo hoo! Double signed, picked up from midtown at cover when it came out!


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Yeah, they still have the non-signed ones available.

I have a signed 9.6 Descender on consignment at my LCS that I need to get out of there asap. It’s closed till the 23rd because someone got COVID. :slight_smile:

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Ah crap. Thought maybe I’d make some money.

You can, the signed with COA will still be desirable. I need to dig mine out, I think I bought 2 of those signed suckers from Midtown.

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And… my $1 auction blowout continues… even with the latest hot optioned titles… :slight_smile:

Not when some seller by the name of “apopcomics424” is undercutting the competition… :wink:

I know where he lives… wanna go egg his house?

TeePee his house would be better. LOL…

I have no issues or hesitation undercutting if I’m looking to unload books. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t like getting rid of books though.

I undercut, I admit it. Especially if I got a book I got at cover, you better bet if I want the quick sale I’ll offload that sucker and price lower than the others… :stuck_out_tongue:


I see Anthony sold his…now I shall list mine for the same price…see what happens.

If I don’t sell it it’s still a cool cover with sigs.