Detective Comics 1026 - First Appearance ×4?

Hi all,

If you picked up 'Tec 1026 you may have noticed a few first appearances. Who knows if these characters will last, but maybe this is the new story that 1027 is advertising?

I don’t know if spoilers are allowed so I won’t post pics or names / story points until cleared.

What does everyone think?

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post pics, its a speculation forum we live on spoilers


Isn’t the Comics section of the forum supposed to be about the enjoying of comics? Do folks not read them anymore?

I’ll post pics in the Spec and Rumors section, as I feel spoilers are appropriate there. I understand this is a speculation site, but I thought this section was for discussing comics, our love of them, what we’re reading and enjoying, etc?

I read a comic once then Donny Cates retcond it never bothered trying again :see_no_evil:

I’m with you BatmanFan. On that note, what are you reading these days that you’re enjoying?

I been picking up Detective Comics and this seemed like a filler story before the big #1027. It looks like 6 full appearances and 6 origins or transformations, but I’m not sure if the characters are new or not in human form.

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I’m a Detectvie Comics junkie, so I really enjoy that book a bunch. Obviously Batman as well.

I’m really enjoying Cate’s Thor & Venom runs. I just re-read my Thanos Wins paperback. I think that Thanos book is what got me turned on to Cates.

I’m in the middle of BATMAN - R.I.P. which makes me want a Zur En Arrh action figure that much more!

Flash: Year One was a lot of fun. I need to pick up the subsequent issues!

I just picked up Strange Skies Over East Berlin for a change or pace. I consider myself an amatuer Sovietologist, so that title grabbed my interest.

Oh, and Joker War and Three Jokers too. Duh!

That’s it for now… I think.

Im not buying the book. Those characters arent worth it.

They look like D-level Morlocks…

Ugh. Batman RIP And the battle for the cowl was what pushed me away from Comics for several years…Could not follow it and spent way too much money trying. Lost interest.

Discovered graded comics in late 2016 sucked me back into current issues.

I bought it for the cover (1026B). :grin:

post pics for it because Detective 1026 is still available.

Someone already did.

For future reference is this category of the forum supposed to allow spoilers? I thought that was the Spec & Rumors category? I just wanted to discuss this issue a bit further without spoiling for those who haven’t read it yet. Where should I post to do that?

We can update the category, never a reason to start a new topic.

And yes, anything goes here if it’s comic related. Reviews, spec, comics heating up, talking about cover art, art in general… if it’s comic related, it’s all good.

Yes, just don’t post the entire books.Copyright Fair Act rules apply. Snippets of pictures will not violate any copyright if we are discussing the pictures posted, etc.

Thanks Poyo

Not that it matters, but we see Killer Croc on the cover of Red Hood #51. Here is the solicit for Red Hood #52:

“After making his dramatic return to Gotham City, Jason Todd finds himself in the middle of a turf war between a violent gang aided by Killer Croc and a new group of vigilantes dedicated to protecting his old neighborhood of the Hill. When a childhood friend is targeted for assassination by a vicious new crime lord on the rise, the Red Hood must forge an uneasy alliance with the vigilantes to save her.”