Dirty D's F.O.C

FOC Nov 13, 2023
On sale Dec 20, 2023


I brought up several of the ski chalet variants including the Nakayama and the Campbell.

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Amazing Spider-Man #40 (Retailer 100 Copy Incentive Variant) Campbell Ski Chalet Vir
Amazing Spider-Man #40 (J.S. Campbell Ski Chalet Variant)
Spider-Woman #2 (David Nakayama Ski Chalet Variant)

Thx all. I recall us all talking about it.
What threw me was the fact that TFAW shows the FOC date as today. Also, the preorders I already had from them were “locked” already? (Wouldn’t let me add another)
Was just odd so figured better safe to ask.
Appreciate it!!!

TFAW seems to not update FOC dates. One they post them they just stick to them. Even when they get pushed out w month.

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They do when they clear out the current foc. They don’t continuously do it.

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I added a Star Wars (Pak) Omnibus to my mix.