Disney Comics and Stories #13 Dell Otto

Scorpion Comics had a Deisney Comics and Stories #13 with a Mickey Mouse Cover by Dell Otto That is going crazy on eBay. anyone grab a copy?

Not I, thought Scorpion was out of business it’s an IDW book :woman_shrugging:

Their website is still up. When I googled the variant that’s the it came back as.

Pricey set too $30 for the color and $60 for the BW $90 set for a Mickey Mouse book. Dell Otto people are going to need it, glad I’m not one of those people🤪

Until you see what it is selling for and say what the hell. I will flip that.

I love Dell Otto art. He never disappoints when it comes to drawing Venom.

Their facebook page had a lot of angry people on it. They are going to go with a 1 per customer order type system next time. I didn’t even try to order any, I already knew the usual shops would get their share, as well as the usual customers who order 4 and 5 sets

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Yeah, always seem that the majority are already spoken for and the left over crumbs are ever so graciously tossed to the masses.

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That’s the way they like to do it

When did they even go on sale. I have been checking for a while.

Believe it was on thursday? I checked the site and at the time they had the color in stock. But the sets with the black and white were long gone

Went on sale on Wednesday at 6pm. Sets sold out in a minute.

Probably because they only had about fifteen or so sets to sell after the allotted ones were saved.

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It would seem the stores with their own variants are learning to play the sheep like fiddles, especially with these lower minimum ordering requirements from IDW and the Indie publishers.

I saw first hand how a small print indie store variant can be pumped and manipulated by a small group of people. This small group of people buy up the majority of the print run, then talk up the book on any number of platforms, then they control the prices.

I saw this first hand with Stadium Comics’ Adam Hughes Sabrina cover, about a year and a half ago. The print run was 500 and the guys at FACTs were pumping the book like crazy, pre release. The book sold out in a few hours once it was out on sale. The store owner let me see who had placed the orders. A rough estimate of about 65% of the copies were bought up by 3-4 guys from the Facts group, and most were mods there. The book shot up in price at that time, due to the pumping, imo. People were paying $200-$300 for a raw copy. You can get the book now for under $50.

To all of those who think that these store variants hold their worth, I implore you to go check out the current prices on store variants that you bought 12+ months ago. You will see that 99.9% hold little to no resale value for a speculator or investor.


stadium releasing a B&W cover of sabrina after they saw heat of the virgin hurt prices. another way stores hurt buyers. but i agree 99% of store variants are below cost after 12months.


Not everything is about the flip. Some people do collect. I was in it for the flip. Lol. But miss out and grab something else another day.

I also see store variants as a way to support the store.

Now, granted, if a store does some shady practice in selling their variants, then I don’t condone such things. If I did a store variant myself (and that’s if I had a store), I would keep the game fair for all. When I say the item goes on sale at X time, then that means it goes on sale at X time. I would probably also limit to 1 per customer per item so everyone has a chance and I would also keep the initial price until I sell out, not raising the price of the item as my own stock quantity gets lower… That’s just me though.


Yup…I buy significantly less store variants these days…Stories like this where it is obvious other dealers/stores without question get first dibs will only make me buy less or just stop all together.

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As most store exclusives don’t hold value for the long haul, most who get in early can flip it for decent profit. That’s the key to store variants, if you’re in early, you can make money. Never have any regrets about selling a store variant where you liked the cover art, chances are you can buy again at deep discounts months from release… :wink:

I know, Anthony, buy what you like still applies here. Though, I didn’t feel it needed to be said. My response was directed towards speculators and investors, as stated in my post. All good.