Disney Comics and Stories #13 Dell Otto

I sell A covers and B covers if there’s a C cover worth keeping. I sold my pink Dell Otto Harley for $700 when they came out but also kept one. Sold my Mattina A covers for Metal kept all the virgins and ultimate editions. It’s rare I buy them these days, Venom #25 and #26 are the first store variants to get any money from me since 50 + issues ago of Spider-Man with red goblin

Oh I know what you were saying. Most store variants flop. Just saying this was a flip for me. Not hurt I didn’t get it. Except in the pocket.

Anthony is supreme ruler of here CHU. When the supreme ruler feels the need to speak, he shall speaketh thy truth!

Now, bow your head and beg for forgiveness for your blasphemous talk or he shall smite thee!

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This is also from Scorpion. Why is this even a thing?

Idk take the Green Lantern one cross it out and put Savage Dragon on it.

Savage Dragon is green. So is money, I bet they are doing it in honor of the latter not the former.

I seriously used to collect Savage Dragon. Stopped when Larson got political, like preachy political. Dropped it. Even if I was still a hard core Savage Dragon collector, I would not grab this…

I dunno

No need to pay an artist to do a cover for your ‘variant’ when you can simply over charge for a blank cover. :joy:


But it’s limited to 250… and it’s got a serial number to tell you which one of the 250 makes yours super special… because you know… writing down the number on a COA is like having a goose that lays golden eggs… easy money! Easy!

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I use to buy statues with serial numbers and then found out I can buy the same statues for half the price without them from China.

So much so I had my seller in China tell me they were out of stock of a statue I bought and if I wanted anything else instead they wouldn’t charge me anymore money no matter the price, and if they didn’t have something I wanted send them a picture of the statues I like and they’ll check inventory. Next you know Thanos on the throne is headed my way. Normally I would just take a refund but 11,000 positive feedback I figured why not.

Yeah, China counterfeits just about everything. They even got caught opening Apple stores that weren’t even owned or operated by Apple themselves.

Fake Apple Stores have long been found in China, and some can be almost impossible to tell from the real thing. In some cases, even the staff thought they were working in a real Apple Store! Counterfeit iPhones are also commonplace.

I haven’t bought store variants for some time, but took a small gamble on Venom 25 Greg Horn cover. Paid off.

I’ve also stayed away from Momoko except for the Canto II cover, but that’s for the PC. Then that Maer Harley 75 showed up and I had to have it…but will likely sell one of the trade/limited set… it sure which.

So basically just buying for the PC On occasion lately, but will grab an extra copy if I Think theres potential to flip for a small profit and offset the cost of the PC copy.

Thats awesome. A counterfeit store that sells counterfeits!

It’s like a coffee table book about coffee tables, that turns into a coffee table!

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I wouldn’t call them counterfeits they are made by XM studios and Prime 1 both based out of China. They have agreements with Sideshow to make some of their products which are then shipped and painted in California. And other agreements with Sideshow to distribute XM and Prime 1 statues to the USA as an exclusive seller. They still run all their old statue molds no matter which companies statue it was twice a year for distribution in Asia.

They sometimes are reported as not painted as well but any of the ones I’ve gotten are exact. They even have statues that haven’t shipped yet from Sideshow available a year before sideshow starts preordering them out.

Goofy on sale today from Scorpion Comics 6pm EST. Others might like this one so I figured I would post it.

Not as good as the Mickey but still pretty bad ass. May have to get one for the flip considering how good that Mickey Mouse did.

I agree. I’m keeping my eye out for a Donald Duck though.

That Goofy virgin variant comic sold out in under a minute. Geez

Thats what happens when you save half the print run for ebay priced sales