Disney Investor Day (12/10/20)

I know there are a few posts about this, but figured I’d set up a topic on it. This is purely for selfish reasons too as I won’t be able to keep tabs on it live.

Thoughts on what to expect and how this affects our favorite hobby?

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My thoughts are there will be a few nuggets that cause certain Marvel and Star Wars books to shoot up in value. This will cause a feeding frenzy on purchases when people are given the related books and a sellers market for those that already have the book.

I’d imagine footage from some of the shows will be shown.

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Im sure there will be more Star Wars shows, movie release dates, new Marvel shows, etc. announced.

Maybe even an announcement of Disney+ 18+ section and Black Widow going to Disney+ in April…

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It’s gonna be four hours long so make sure to keep checking this link.


Can I invoice or bill someone for the 4 hours?

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I mean, you can invoice whoever you want. The question is whether somebody will pay it.


Find me someone who will pay me for 4 hours of my life taken away from me… :wink:

4 hours is looooong, but they got a lot to cover. I would think everything we’re interested in would come closer to the end. They got overall financials, the situation with the parks, ESPN, then movies and Disney+.

My prediction, and this is a hot take:

Disney is going to say “listen, we had a good run, but everybody over here is real tired. I’m sure we could make a little more money with some more Star Wars shows and Super hero shows, but we think it’s time we all move on with our lives. Greg over here has taken up knitting, and Paul is thinking of joining a monastery. I guess, what we’re trying to say is that you guys should all just go outside and smell a rose or something. Anyway, see ya!”


Probably some boring pro forma and budgetary stuff in the mix.

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I can pay you in beans

What would be in this section? Alien?

Oo and i forgot to add , Rumors of a Bounty hunter series comig due to the popularity of the madalorian.


See my post above. Some are speculating that a few other star wars IP will be in the 18+ range, along with some shows that deal with violence ( punisher /ghost rider / Predator come to mind)

The sky is the limit and i can t wait to listen to the financials … hoping to hear the budget on filming.

do it while you are working so you get paid to do it

I do that already but I want to invoice 4 hours while I’m also invoicing others for 4 hours at the same time… you know, like mechanic hours. Oil change takes them 30 minutes but in mechanic hours it’s like 2 hours…

It’s CHU related, I’ll just send you the invoice @Anthony… my normal rate of $0 fine with you?

works for me!!

Yup, the Mandalorian prequel series, with Boba Fett

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No one out-Mandos the Fett.

I hope someone gets this joke.