Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

Curious if anyone else is interested in this. I’m a big fan of Disney animation and certainly Magic the Gathering which this is sort of cloning so this does look appealing to me.
It will hit card/gaming shops on the 18th of this month.
If you are at all interested I’d check with your shops. It will likely be heavily allocated at first and the aftermarket will be nuts.
Please don’t FOMO and overpay though as there are confirmed subsequent waves and they will not differ from this first one.

We all know the way the market works. Likely will be some very expensive cards to come from it.
I watched the game play videos and I think it will be fun to try out with my oldest grand daughter. Will be worth the price of a booster box for that at least.

Interesting note, some shops are charging less if you buy the wrapper on the box “removed” versus intact as it would eliminate flipping them. An example I saw from a local show $180 removed versus $300 intact. Honestly that was a decent price as I’m seeing boxes around $350 this far. When they sell out day one and FOMO hits…it will be ugly. Disney has its fans for sure.

Take a look at the promo card prices Disney released last year. Insane.

Anyone else looking at the game?

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Lorcana was underprinted for the first wave. We’ll see how bad it is by October. Join the Facebook groups to get a heads up on things.

September 1st is probably your best bet to get product. All the LCSs have already presold their product. Walmart, Disney online ect.

I’ve had preorders in since March. I’m hoping they don’t all get cancelled. The cards look great.

Happy hunting

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Lorcana is only heavily allocated for LCS/LGS. There are LARGE allocations held for big box stores (target, best buy, Walmart etc). Don’t believe these rumors about super low allocations and hard to get by local stores. Disney allocated the majority of the stock for big boxes and I would wait for those to drop. So far only best buy put up pre orders, so be on the lookout around September 1st.


For those of us out of the loop on trading card games, what is this Lorcana Disney thing?

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I’m not sure if you are familiar with Magic the Gathering. This is essentially Disney’s version of it. I really simplified it by saying that as there are some differences of course.

If you aren’t familiar it’s a collectible card game that is sort of a turned based 2 player match up using cards to do different things. The cards are all based/designed on Disney characters, locations, lore, etc.

Some (probably many) don’t care about the game at all but simply will want to collect the cards themselves.

Bah…that was a horrible job of trying to explain it…check out a Lorcana YouTube video or article…I likely confused you more.

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Sorry if this is a question based on bad info… aren’t the “booster boxes” only available at the hobby shops and gaming stores? I wish the retail stores would just have “packs” to buy like the old days.

I know my shop was selected for the official play program and will have stock on the 18th. I only wanted a booster box and the different starter decks and have been first on the preorder list for months so I should be good to go.

Best Buy sold out online really, really quickly.

There is not enough Lorcana product to meet demand right now

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Nope they will be available at big box as well. Best buy had already sold the booster boxes for pre-order. They also had the starter decks.

Best buy preorders sold on it in like 13 minutes so not extremely quick but fairly quick. and they will also restock on release.


I am familiar with Magic: The Gathering even though I never played it. Your explanation was helpful. Thanks!

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More factors affecting lorcana are a huge boom (and bust) of Kickstarter TCG games in the last two years have lit the TCG world on fire and essentially has everyone looking out for the next big thing in TCG. For example, the Kickstarter MetaZoo TCG booster boxes were going for 15k at one point and more recently the sorcery TCG booster boxes are around the 1k mark.

All this to say, people see a brand new TCG coming out and the heavy weight Disney branding behind it and people are betting/speculating BIG on their new TCG Lorcana. Assuming that because it’s backed by Disney it will be a big hit.

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What is the “street date” for this stuff? My LCS just sent out an email saying they will have some for sale August 18th while supplies last.

(I immediately thought of those three guys Joker throws the broken pool stick to in TDK).


18th for specialty stores/card shops and such.
Big box not till September 1st.

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I stopped into a couple of well established card shops in my area. These stores are more heavily involved in sports cards, but they do also tend to get regular stock of non sports cards such as Magic the Gathering, Fleer Marvel, Star Wars, etc.
As I’ve been inquiring for some time, one of the shop owners has always been a bit over confident about getting the product. He tends to be a bit braggy and “I’m the biggest, best, have tons of money” type in my limited interactions with him

Anyway, neither of these stores were selected to receive Lorcana. They both indicated they had to “apply” to get product and weren’t selected.
The one owner was definitely salty about it.
I found it interesting that it is being somewhat restricted like that.

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The only stores that got the first wave had to apply to be OP stores and run tournaments/build the player base, from what other store owners have said…

We’ll see by next week if there’s any product left. I bet everything is sold out on day one. Realistically, it’s already sold out at every store not asking $300+ a box.

If you haven’t secured/purchased, I’d try everywhere on September 1st.

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Another place near me has been telling me all along “yes, our representative said we will absolutely getting product…we don’t know how much though”.

They received nothing as I had come to expect.

Would love to hear of others experiences today. I’ll be heading to the shop where I have product confirmation, set aside for me later this evening.

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i feel like people are just buying to sit on the boxes hoping they become the next 1st pokemon or magic booster boxes


Right or wrong, I like how the place I’m going to did it.
If you want a sealed box you are going to pay a very high inflated price, but if you buy one with the wrapper removed (and they do it as you purchase) it’s the regular, suggested retail price.

Definitely agree that folks are stocking up on it.


or the next Metazoo…

Got what I had requested and I’m good.
Asked them to put me down for a box of all subsequent Chapters and they said no problem.
Product is nice and the game itself is fun.
It will be interesting to see how it fares.