Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

I know nothing about websites and such…however, it has been about 3 months since their last complete failure with their site. I would think they would have put every single effort into making some improvements in their systems/process. Just pathetic. Even if I were to finally get in and have it say “sold out” so be it. The fact it just doesn’t work to begin with and they have wasted so many folks time changing their times/ resetting the times, etc, etc. Inept…completely inept.

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Again, not knowing the least thing about it. @agentpoyo Would 3 months be adequate time to make improvements in the process/servers or whatever? Is that really not something that could be improved in that time frame? Just curious about it.

They should fully expect this demand going forward so they really should be doing something to help their overall company and how they are perceived. Maybe it just isn’t possible?

Maybe but it’s still almost impossible. All depends on who developed the code for the online store, if it’s 3rd party, could be bugs and they’re dependent on the 3rd party to address or fix, etc. Without just throwing more and more resources at it which doesn’t always solve the problem, it could be numerous things involved…

I remember the US Mint website had issues, took them well over a year or so to really sort it out so people ordering woes when the mad rush came knocking…

The best approach I think is design your website so it’s running microservice clustered and it can scale automatically when needed and scales back down during less demand… this way you’re not spending a fortune for virtual machines on physical hardware either at your host or cloud provider during non peak times.

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Remember another thing, they specialize in creating trading cards and products that aren’t high tech so a lot of these types of businesses don’t have big fancy IT and developers working full time on websites and code, etc. Our kind cost a lot on top of the hosting fees, etc.

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I got super lucky. I completely forgot about this release until about 12pm but decided to check the website anyways. Somehow I ended up having only 1000 people ahead of me. 4 hours later, I got through and made my purchase. This experience sucked for me, but my kids will be super happy come Xmas time.


well, there it is…

from discord


I really do feel bad for those who can’t get a hold of it & have no gaming stores, etc.
Folks doing the whole “December 1st” it will be everywhere at retail are going to be sorely disappointed like last time too.
It will be just as bad (if not worse).

Last time, a ton of folks also had boxes of boosters preordered via Best Buy. To my knowledge, there was no preorder for BB this round.

It may be a spot worth random checks though.

Best of luck all. Glad some of you got through!


Just checked and got in easy all the Rise Floodborn preorders are still available with the Disney 100 set.

and couldn’t get through checkout. All the way to entering CC info and Error everytime… oh well.

Everything showed as add to wishlist for me…

Yeah it’s all “only available at stores” now.

I’m reading others had that same experience, event to the point of actually being able to order/process their payment, yet they never received a confirmation which more than likely means not only no product…but now they have a preauth charge to wait for/wait to fall off.

Yeah, I had that happen a few times, got all the way through then error.

My local shop I play at/support took very good care of me.
They joke about the fact I’ve bothered them since the game was announced so there is no way they ever want me pestering them going forward.

I’ll report out on my pulls.


Nice !

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Best Buy - participating stores



My Walmart just stocked a crap ton of boosters


Floodborn comin’ out early… :grinning:

My area Best Buy had packs out on the racks (they had blisters of both The first Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn).

I honestly don’t need a ton more but figured I’d snag 5 for fun and actually grabbed first chapter as those cards are ones I play with/need more of.

Wouldn’t ring up, not in the system. No big deal but it really doesn’t make sense that cards from the First Chapter wouldn’t be allowed…they aren’t a new release, etc. Rise of the Floodborn is what has a street date currently.

I never get worked up about that but I do always think it’s a bad look on stores. Read the boxes…if it isn’t street dated yet don’t put it out. If you do…and customers find them on racks/want to buy them…that’s on you.

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