Disney+ Speculation History

How have you done with speculation related to Disney+ shows?

For me, I have had the following successes with buying the following just after the shows were announced (some of them were slabs) and flipping some of them for higher:

  1. Captain America #25 Adam Hughes and Steve McNiven variants
  2. Star Wars: Kanan the Last Padawan #1 Plunkett variant
  3. Fantastic Four #94
  4. She-Hulk #1
  5. Captain America #323
  6. Secret Invasion #1-8

Think I have made enough to cover my Disney+ subscription for the year. Hope to do the same for the next year and many more years to come!


What no CW spec books?

Oh wait you said you WANT to make money… :thinking: :rofl:

Just kidding… Those are some nice pickups!


I bought 20 Captain America #25s before the show for cover and sold them all for about $40 each.

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Loki I sold 4 of those Vote Loki covers for $50+ each.

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I sold one for good money…then when the show obviously headed in a different direction than Vote Loki value dropped. Still have a nice copy of issue 1.

Maybe when season 2 comes out it will heat up again.

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Would not surprise me if some more Loki variants appear. Especially if Kid Loki comes back (he probably will).

I’ve quite honestly been ahead of the game on most of it, but nothing has been better than my life long love of Star Wars, Clone Wars, Boba Fett, etc and the gains from Disney shows/spec.

I had 4 Clone Wars #1s and the most I paid for any was $50 (Feb of 2020 just as Covid hit-last con before the rough times).
I’ve sold 3 of the 4 (9.2 , 2x 9.4) and have a 9.6 I’ll keep.
I sold those 3 slabs for a total of $2800.

I have a 9.6 and 9.8 Heir to the Empire #1 plus another raw nm that combined I paid $27 dollars for.

I’m sitting on just about every single important Boba Key, Rebels, Clone Wars, Thrawn, Dark Horse or related key and they were typically all bought from cheap bins, at release for cover, or at ratio like the Thrawn #1 covers.
I know many say sell, but I’m holding all of it still.


My problem is I dont know when to sell or hold.

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The list I shared were for those I bought after announcements. Amongst those I bought before announcement include the following:

  1. 7 copies of Heir to the Empire #1, most of which I got from the dollar bins back then. One of them is currently slabbed as a 9.6. Sold one raw for about $120
  2. Thrawn #1 Mattina variant that cost me $50 which is currently slabbed as a 9.8
  3. 1 regular and 1 variant of Invincible Iron Man #7. Variant sold already.
  4. 3 regular and 2 variant of Invincible Iron Man #9. Variants sold already.
  5. 1 banged up copy of Clone Wars #1 newsstand. Since sold.

Will add on when I remember more


Just ask here and we will give you our two cents.

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I’m becoming, more & more, a believer of sell at first glimpse in a trailer or show (if they weren’t hinted in a trailer). I feel like that is sort of the optimum excitement along with FOMO for people.
Sure, if the character is a massive, long term hit, it may be a bad call, but usually that just doesn’t hold true.

I.E…I am holding lots of Thor/Gorr books…those are gone the minute I see even a glimpse of him in a trailer with no regrets.


I endorse this idea to sell at first trailer or glimpse. It’s usually served me well. Usually.

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Daredevil, Scarlet Witch, and YA Children’s Crusade projects/shows in the works. All rumors though.


I heard there was an Electro movie coming and thought the only way it would work is if they used Daredevil.

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Dang you didn’t put that the same person said iconic super hero frog-man was gonna be in she-hulk

I just dont care about posting D-list characters, also who are in a few scenes, at best. She-Hulk will have ALOT of very minor, obscure characters appearing.

When you talk about Frog-Man you will put respect on his name! :slight_smile:

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D-list characters dont “move the needle”.

There’s 3 different Frogmen Daredevil #10 #25 and a Marvel team up.

I imagine it’s either Daredevil #25 or the Marvel team up it’s the Father in Daredevil and the son in Marvel Team up.

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