DN:DM Trinity Crisis - First apps galore

There is a lot going in DM Trinity Crisis, but it’s hard to say which characters will last. Here are few and maybe you can point out some that aren’t new.

Here we see Mindhunter who will show up again later in the upcoming Justice League #54. I know Grim Knight isn’t new.

Here are some more:


Possibly different versions of characters:

Darkseid (on cover of upcoming DN: DM #4)

Superboy Prime (on cover of upcoming DN: DM #4)


All of this in JL 54?

Death Metal Trinity Crisis that is out today.

Interesting. None probably stick but definitely worth grabbing an extra or two just in case.

Good work.

I agree, I feel that the only character that has the best chance to stick long-term is Robin King.

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One King to Rule Them All!!

That’s what happened with the original Death Metal. Introduce a bunch of characters, go with the one that stuck most… that time it was Batman Who Laughs… this time I’ll likely be Robin King (maybe… ).

I disagree that’s Batman and Wonder Woman’s daughter that’s pretty big.


Same I said. Already preordered but will definitely pick up an extra at the shop.

The Ark looks interesting too he has a different Batman villain for each body part.

I surely hope the daughter turns out to be something big. I ordered one since there are so many first apps in this book and the story has been amazing. Gotta get it before KrapCollector catches up.

LoL same thing I /hought. Lately they been posting on IG every booked we’ve mentioned then BOOM 1per…price hikes. Sold out.

Short for Arkham Knight? But this time A Batman who chopped up inmates and used their pieces to recreate himself as a sort of Frankenstein’s monster?

Well, they have not even put in all the 1st appearances from the guidebook yet.