Do you even game bro?

Silly title, but I was wondering if anyone here games at all? I know its hard with work, life, kids, etc, but I still try to kick back and play as it keeps my brain sharp.

Current Games:

FFXIV - Story is just fantastic, like most FF games. Time consuming, but man, the storyline…just amazing.
Horizon: Zero Dawn - I’ve been playing this for awhile, trying to beat it…most games take me 4 - 5 times as long to complete vs. pre kids.
Eve Online - I started this game a LONG time ago, but I don’t actually play it…I don’t know why, but I’ve just been acquiring skill points and unlocking things, but don’t really know what to do in the game. The learning curve is insane. The few times I did play and got into some pretty big battles it was a lot of fun…but roaming around in space I usually get shot down…did I mention I don’t know what I’m doing?
FORZA Horizon - Love racing games, play this periodically…then my 3 year old usually interrupts me and just drives around the world crashing into stuff. When I do get to play, its very fun.
Halo Infinite - Usually spend about 30 minutes at a time playing this. Open world Halo game, always been a fan of the series, but I’m waiting for them to unlock the multiplayer campaign so I can play with my brother. Has been fun the few times I’ve played it.
Diablo - Currently playing D3 with the triplets. We all have characters and sit down to play a bit on the PS5 (yes I finally got one after a year of searching!) in the morning or evening if we have time. The button mashing, I don’t believe, has ever been done better than this series.

Prior Games:

World of Warcraft - I’ve played this off and on since it came out. Used to be a hardcore raider spending 12-16 hours a day playing, but there is no way I could ever do that again at this point. I usually pick up the expansion and try it out when they release it, but it just consumes a lot of time. Always enjoyed it when I do get back into it ever few years.
Civilization - Man…remember the first one? I used to finish my work in electronics class in middle school so that I could play the original one, because they actually had a computer. Such a great game that has remained awesome over the years.
Elder Scrolls - I don’t play the online one, but the standalone games have been great time sinks and the stories have been good.
Pillars of Eternity - I enjoy a lot of these Baldur’s Gate style games. The strategy and stories are usually good and if you put it on a higher difficulty it can present a real challenge.
Command and Conquer - Another one I’ve played since it was released. I lived in Germany at the time and I had to pay my parents to play this against my friend who lived in another town over. It cost me $3 an hour to play (local calls were not free). I would sit down and have a stack of dollar bills by the computer and just keep setting them aside in order to keep playing…if the modem didn’t shut off or someone didn’t pick up the other line and interrupt our games.

There have been many other games in my life, and I am very big on letting kids play, but I have tried to keep the tradition of sending my kids outside as much as possible. I would rather my kids play video games (not iPad, let me be perfectly clear) than letting them just watch tv. Especially, when you put the game on higher difficulties and it presents you with a real challenge.

TLDR - The games on top I am playing now, the ones on bottom I periodically play, and I have kids.


Call of Duty and Halo games :grinning:


I dabble in games and blog about them sometimes. I play a lot less than I used to love my PlayStation still and when I find the right game get really immersed.

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I just finished Resident Evil Village on the ps5. Instantly started it again, and again, and again. I’m on my 5th playthrough now, and I beat it on the hardest difficulty. The game is just all around amazing to me.

Next I’m playing devil may cry 5. And after that I have no idea. Probably that FF game that was free to dl on the ps5 when I got it. It may be FFXIV

Oh man I loved the Resident Evil series…gonna have to add that to my list.

I am getting ready for Total War Warhammer III. It will be released in a few weeks. I will probably have to wait a few more months until I have a new PC built for me. Right now, I am still playing Total War Warhammer II.

Total War, fantastic series as well. I enjoy the Warhammer one and there was another rendition of it I can’t remember, but reminded me of Heroes of Might and Magic I used to play when I was younger with a strategical RTS side.

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Oh man. Its fps style. And super good. Awesome story, with some twists thrown in. Like most the trick is to play on the easiest, then do it again. Cause there are unlimited ammo and different guns after you beat it the first time.

Oh and I beat the ff7 dlc with Yuffie. Forgot about that

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Try to play most of the big titles but slow going with an 18 month old in the family. Working through Guardians of the Galaxy right now and really enjoying it. Quite a bit more than I anticipated actually. Really really really excited for Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West. The first one may be my favorite game ever.

I still have my Nintendo games systems NES and Super NES. Plus the Sega Genesis. One day after I retire, I will play some of those games again. Before the Total War games. I was playing Age of Empires games, Command & Conquer and some other strategy games on the PC. I was playing Valheim for a few months until I got bored with it. I might try that again once it is finally finished.

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I liked how the Nintendo switch offered some free old school games if you signed up for their online plan. Lots of great hits in there from NES, SNES and the Sega Genesis.

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Just started playing and been playing Monster Hunter Rise on pc, been playing the series ever since Freedom Unite on the psp

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I’ve always wanted to get into Monster Hunter, but the few times I’ve played it I just couldn’t get into it. I forget the one I was playing (one before Rise I think).

I played one of them years ago and really sucked. I could grow a little garden though, that was fun.

Man, you said it! Work and life are crazy enough but add in a 4mo old and it is like next to impossible to sink in any meaningful time into a game.

I also struggle with feeling guilty if I stay up after the family goes to bed to read, game, watch my nerd shows, etc.

That being said, when I do game:


Working my way through The Outer World’s. It’s developed by Obsidian Entertainment who at their heart are the old Black Isle Studios who brought us Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, Fallout (the original games). It’s a sci-fi comedy FPS-RPG. Borrows a lot from Bethesda’s Fallout series.

I’m also still jumping into GTA V every now and then and doing side stuff like looking for UFO parts, letters, exploring, etc when I just want to veg out.

On Deck:

Alien: Isolation - So damn scary and makes you feel like you’re in an Alien movie… just haven’t finished and I uninstalled to make room for other games. I got stuck…

Skyrim - Installed and waiting.

I want to hook my PS3 back up and play Resident Evil 4, 5 & 6… but need a new TV with an additional HDMI port. Switching is a pain.

Prior games:

Batman Arkham series - I especially like Arkham Knight. Some same it is the weakest in the series, but I feel it is pretty strong and possibly gave Snyder the inspiration for Batman Who Laughs.

Spider-Man PS4 (Miles Morales by extension) - Incredible game, arguably the best super hero title ever created. It borrowed heavily from Arkham series but also very much had its own Spider flavor. Truly a love letter to the character and mythos.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Ditto what I said about Alien Isolation and Spider-Man PS4. Also Harold Ramis’ last performance, which hits me right in the feels.

Star Wars: KOTOR - Greatest Star Wars game of all time. Multiple playthroughs.

Mass Effect - One hell of a trilogy. Second game might be my favorite. Another title I want to replay when I hook my PS3 back up. Lucky I played the first title before my XB360 RROD’d and I got a Playstation.

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I don’t have much time to play with the 4 year old but I do get around to it when I can. Always enjoy some Halo or Civilization. Got Guardians of the Galaxy recently but haven’t had time to play it yet.

Oh yeah the Mass Effect series was great! Another great story! I’ve heard the Spider-Man Miles Morales is good, need to check it out.

It’s a lot of fun, and the final fight sequence is mega intense! Miles has better game play due to venom strikes & camouflage BUT the game is glitchy. Not unplayable glitchy, but glitchy none the less. The story is shorter and a bit predictable but still good.

I also forgot to mention the Uncharter series. Holy hell, such great games. The only game I have yet to play is The Lost Legacy. It’s own my list of games to get along with Guardians Of The Galaxy.

I am a casual gamer. I play a lot of Fortnite, still play Minecraft and Roblox with my youngest son. I am a diehard Mortal Kombat fan and play MLB the Show often.

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It’s hard to be a gamer when you’re chained to a basement wall and got limited view to the screen with so many comic book boxes stacked around you… :crazy_face:

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