Do you even game bro?

Ive played the RE series since the original RE1 on PlayStation, back in '95ish. RE7 (Evil) and RE8 (Village) have brought the franchise back to its horror survival roots, and both were top shelf entries in the series.

The ‘Alien Isolation’ game from a few years back is also a must play for any fan of the franchise, or genre.

I just bought, and started playing ‘The Last of Us’. Im enjoying it quite thoroughly, so far.

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Oh man, I played The Last of us with noise cancelling headphones on at night…can’t tell you how many times I jumped. My wife would be sitting on the couch next to me and be like, wtf???

That’s probably one of the best games I’ve played in a long time. I haven’t played the second one yet, but I think I preordered it.


Oh man, I can’t believe I forgot to list this title! This is one if the absolute best games of the last 10 years. I still haven’t played the second game because I’m scared it won’t be as good as the first game and it’ll ruin for magic of the first game. Stupid, I know, but oh well.


I have the same feeling. Nothing can make me feel how I felt in the first 30 minutes of that game.

I need to pick last of us back up. I had played some of it when it came out, but put it down for something else.

How the F did you put it down?

Work, life, something else was out at the time I wanted to play more. Mainky work lol

Yeah it must have been something big cause that game sucked the life out of me until I was done with it :slight_smile:
I understand though, stuff happens. I would game all day if I could :wink:

I’m dl it again on the ps5. But I also want to actually play ffxv. These two will tide me over until March when Tiny Tina’s Wonderland comes out

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Totally agreed on Halo. I’ll be much more excited when I can play campaign with my kids and friends.

We’ve played a bit of solo campaign here and there but multiplayer campaign is where it’s at.

You should add me!

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Ffxv was so boring and repetitive to me. So deleted it. Made it to chapter 3 of last of us. Not bad so far. But then I dl the free tina wonderland for this months ps plus. So that will be played before last of us :rofl:

If I had an Xbox I would play the new Halo. Maybe I can trade my PS5 with someone temporarily.

Yeah I couldn’t get into FFXV…I really tried, but it was a little weird (not like the old school ones). I liked the FF7 Remake though, that was a blast.

FFXIV, man, the big story parts are just awesome, and you fall in love with the characters.

I play Halo on Steam / PC -
Steam: TheV26
Gamertag: Faele1337


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All of you with your fancy 3D graphic games and immersive experiences–color me envious. I’m just sitting here reminiscing about old RPGs and Adventure games I grew up on and loved. 100 no-points for anyone who remembers this one (And no google image search ;p )



You can play that on Stream I believe.

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Oh man, I just checked and yup the collection (in all its SVGA goodness!) is up–and for a reasonable price too.

Oh man. I totally forgot this free borderlands tiny tina game for ps plus this month was the actual dlc for borderlands 2!

The last Final Fantasy game I thoroughly enjoyed was FFXII (12). I actually started to replay it but on the PS4. I’m still a generation behind and don’t game to much.

Back on borderlands 2. Beat the game yesterday on normal, now doing the hammerlock dlc before going into true vault hunter mode. Easily one of my favorite games no matter how many times I’ve beaten it

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That definitely was a great, repeatable, game with all the different fun combos.