Do you even game bro?

Been playing the crap out of Yakuza 0. Theres a lot to do and some of the mini games are pretty frustrating but its an overall top tier game

Would you be interested in selling any of them games?

Right now I am playing Hotline Miami on the Nintendo Switch. If you like retro games with good soundtrack, I recommend this game. I comic was also a good read.

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I’m waiting for the ps+ switchover to happen in June so I can finally play both Spiderman games. Got in on the deal of a year of psnow for $60 and stacked 2 years, that will auto convert to the highest tier.

I’m still playing FFXIV. I completed the main story (finally), which was awesome, and usually only have time for a dungeon every once in awhile. What I do like is that I don’t have to spend hours on end doing end game stuff, and the dungeon queue even for the harder stuff is nice, and people seem to learn a lot quicker.

What I didn’t like about WoW was that the raid finder was just too easy and that made it boring. In FF you mess up and you die pretty easily.

The last part that is truly unique are the LB’s. I’ve never felt more useful, and awesome, in a video game than when you use a Level 3 Healer Limit Break when your entire raid is dead. A few seconds later everyone is resurrected(after some awesome special effects), and you go on to defeat the boss. I cannot stress how cool it is, heart racing and everything like you just saved the day! (Because you did!)

Anyways, back to bagging, boarding, shipping and sorting! Y’all have a great weekend!

Aaah That’s King’s Quest right? Great memories for me as well! My cousins had that on an Amiga, as well as other cool games like California games, rocket ranger…

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Been playing the alpha for this game and its actually pretty fun. Its a smash bros clone but full of characters from Warner Bros and the online feels really smooth

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Sorry for the delay. But not at this time.

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Finishing up Guardian of the galaxy on PS5, then on to Far Cry 6


Far cry 6 was amazing. End game though was a let down. But man was it a roller coaster of a game

I’m playing now too. I don’t know how deep I am, but guessing halfway

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So I’m finally making some progress on GOTG for PS4, trying to finish it before baby #2 arrives. I’m currently on Chapter 12 (I think), could be 11 or 13.

This game is really, really good. I enjoy the story and all the little Easter eggs. I can’t believe that SquareEnix put out this game but also put out Avengers which is just terrible.

Baby 2? I remember the first seemed like they were born just recently! You’re busy and congrats!

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Yeah, Grayson was born last September. It took us 15 years and fertility treatment to have him. We never thought we’d get pregnant again or at least so quickly, and totally didn’t plan this little girl. Definitely our last we are making triple sure of that.

Thank you David!


Well I finished GOTG. What a fun game! The banter between the Guardians and the story made the game very, very entertaining. You get to see bunch of different planets and unique environments including a Kree battleship! Also, some of the choices you make in the game end up taking you down different paths at different points in the game which adds some replayability.

Its leaps and bounds better than Avengers (also released by SquareEnix) but not quite on the level of Spider-Man (PS4) or the Batman Arkham series.


Good to know. I bought the game but haven’t played it. Sounds good…

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I picked up Hogwarts Legacy and plat as time allows. So far it is fun, good, and exploring the castle is awesome!

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Today my boys, my wife and I went to the early release of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Got 2 regular copies and a collectors edition. They also included some other freebies. They had a blast waiting. My youngest started playing it as soon as he got inside the car lol. Also got the limited edition switch to go with the game. Nice late Birthday present. Well worth the wait.


Diablo 3 full open beta/server test this weekend if anyone is interested.

I love Diablo and it’s fun as my sons/their significant others play so we always can get a full group going at most times.

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Is it gonna be similar to the previous game? I loved Diablo.

Also @Gbess what time did you get up and go. It’s just past 8 am here.

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