Donny Cates going bonkers

Hype train already in full throttle.


People on this board really dislike Cates, but I really like his Thor run. Say what you want about Venom, but that character sucks and the fact that he turned it into a top seller is quite an accomplishment.


I’m over Cates.


I completely agree. I’m not sure why people hate Cates so much (maybe it’s speculators who speculate on Cates’s self-promotion and get burned on ROI). From a reader’s perspective, his self-promotion seems warranted (with the ARGUABLE exception of Crossover IMHO).

I loved Venom as a kid (cuz edgy spuder-man)… he was a shit-tier character for soooooo long until Cates made the series so compelling. And Thor has been awesome as hell. So, yeah, I’m looking forward to what comes next.


Just to tack on, that I do remember many folks hyping Cates up on Youtube and the nets. Then, after he came out against trolls who attacked his creator-friends (among other topics) the hate-train really started to take off.

I really couldn’t give two shits about internet trolls and their feelings.

Cates remains a writer that I can bank on delivering a fun read. And he attracts top-tier artists. Man, did Stegman really blossom on Venom.

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Remember, it’s all how you interpret it. One can say, meh, I don’t like Cates, he hypes his stuff too much. But is he wrong in doing so? No, cause it might truly excite him. He likes his job as a writer and gets excited.

Look at it this way, I get really excited over LEGO’s and claim they’re the greatest toy in the world. To someone who doesn’t buy or build LEGO sets will say I’m just “crazy” for claiming my love for them and tired of me talking about them. Are they correct in saying I’m crazy for thinking like that? Maybe but they can also be wrong cause they don’t share the same enthusiasm as I do but that’s okay as well.

The simple solution is, if you’ve read Cates stuff and not a fan, then ignore him. If you like his stuff but think he’s a little eccentric in his enthusiasm, that’s okay, probably doesn’t bother you as much. If you love Cates and love his stuff while sharing the same enthusiasm as he does for his own work, good for you…

Bottom line, Cates has made us all a lot of money and has put a lot of buzz with characters that don’t normally get buzz. So yeah, he’s doing something right, whether you like it or not.


Thanos Wins was great. Some of the characters Cates introduced need More time to be fleshed out a bit before being written off— all have promise. I’m waiting for alternative reality Dylan to come back as Codex in a future story- maybe?? Point is who knows. He kept us interested the whole time. I am hopeful these aren’t the last of these characters.

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I think there’s a fair reason for that.

In a few months when we know what this title is and what happens in it, we’ll be able to rewrite this title as

“Donny Cates [lies about] [pretty standard] new [insert super hero name here] Marvel title.”

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I don’t think this will be the last we see of some of these characters. I mean, everything he’s done thus far has been interconnected–I don’t see that changing going forward.

As an aside, I really hope he visits those three guards Knull had in Silver Surfer Black–they were interesting.

I hope the new title is ‘Old Man Reed Richards’ the one from Codex’s Reality who lost his mind.


After Stegman hyped KIB telling retailers to order heavy they will be able to afford 2nd mortgages and vacation homes if they do, I will not believe any hype from Cates or Stegman.

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Cates is great about hyping his stuff. Great salesman.

However, lying on Twitter is kind of low (totally new character etc).

His writing seems ok in Venom and Thor, pretty straightforward, but nothing really great. He definitely knows how to sell his stuff.

I just think Donny Cates is mad because everyone is now in love with Tynion and not him.


Anyone who could not sense the sarcasm in that should get off the internet… :wink:


Praise Tynion :place_of_worship:

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Where’s BKV at? His writing puts both Tynion and Cates to shame…

I prefer Cates over Tynion’s writing. I don’t like all Cates writing though.


Why is he losing his mind? We’ve done a What If marvel title already. :joy:

I think Tynion’s writing is better than average but I really enjoy Cates’ writing a lot. More than Tynion I think. My guess is that both will end up being large influences on mainstream pop culture over time. Full disclosure, I’ve gone pretty deep on my Cates spec. But have lots of Tynion as well

Donny Cates cannot finish a story to save his life. Knull is a paper thin character. Dylan is a paper thin character. I’ll take Tynion over Cates any day.


I actually like Cates as writer,but he oftentimes overhype books and not delivery on his promises like his run on Black Winter and constantly hyping Crossover. Tynion doesn’t overhype his books, and they oftentimes turn out to be really good. I am that kind of person who tends to be neutral and not blindly hate or love a writer/artist because it’s a popular thing to do.Tynion’s batman run is decent,but nothing really special.Horror is his specialty.

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