Donny Cates going bonkers

But but some random guy with 60+ copies of Hulk 3 and 6 told me Titan was the next big thing!!

“Self promotion =/= manipulation” - fair enough

“if you’re speculating (investing at best, scalping at worst) then you are by definition taking a risk.” Sure, no disagreement - not sure what this has to do with the discussion though. My point was that he’s not a very good writer - but he’s worked out how to hit all the speculator buttons - and has a career based on his ability to shift units, not delivering well-crafted stories. So I’m not really sure I can align with a view of Donny Cates “putting his heart” into his stories when I struggle to see any of that in his recent work, which is less about heart, and more about targetting specific demographics. Not that there’s anything wrong in shifting units - but let’s not confuse somebody who is in it for “art” with somebody who is in it for “business”.

“Lastly, a majority of shops that sell comics are locally owned small business. If anyone is buying “loads of books” then it that is only helping your community as small business is the lifeblood of our economy, or it was and should be.” If you’ll forgive me, that feels like a fairly rose-tinted view of the situation. If a comic store buys more books than usual because of the hype train, and they are then stuck with the stock, that’s not exactly good for them! It’s not great for anybody suckered into the speculation frenzy who buys multiple copies of a book because “they only go up in price” - and that’s then not beneficial for the industry as those are potentially lost readers if they feel burnt by the experience. It’s not good for speculators - whatever you think of them, they underpin the economics of the comic industry at the moment, without them there would be fewer books, and less creators employed. And it’s also not good for the comic industry in the long run (see 90s).

But the pros and cons of actively marketing to speculators is besides my point: if Donny Cates builds a social media presence directly targeting speculators “hey, guys, INSANE first appearance in next Venom, rush to order…” then he shouldn’t be surprised at the response he gets when he reaches out to that same audience with his personal business. That’s something he should have gone to his friends for, not his social media channel for marketing to speculators. To borrow your words, he’s purposely built a channel to self-promote to “slimy people” - what does he expect is going to happen when he reaches out to them for sympathy on a personal matter?

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