Don't trust Comic tom

Comic tom is up to his misinformed accolades again. tom, this time, is blown away by the recent sale of an ANMPO #1, 2nd print. tom is claiming that the book sold for $2000. When one actually looks into the sale, they will instantly see that the asking price was $2000 and that an OBO was accepted. If you research a little further, you will see that the OBO accepted for the ANMPO #1 was actually $1250.

So, Tom is making videos pumping up a sale that he is claiming had sold for about 60% more ($2000) than it actually did ($1250). This misinformation does not do the market any favours as it is advertising false information that will artificially inflate the value of the book.

For those of you who follow tom, beware that he is nothing more than a salesman trying to influence you, and the market, so he and his associates can take more of your money, unnecessarily. tom, at best, is not knowledgeable about how eBay sales work, or,he is deceitful, at worst.
Either way, he is not someone whos word you should take at face value. Do your due diligence, comic friends. :thinking:


Comic Tom reminds me of those eccentric used car salesmen in commercials… the more you point at the camera and fling your arms around, the better the deal is… I’ve only seen probably 15 seconds of a ComicTom video and I had to turn it off…


I’ve never really followed him, but have heard of him. This seems as misinformed as those articles about how Black Diamond Disney VHS tapes are worth, “Thousands of dollars,” as opposed to the 5 bucks or less each tape is worth due to people misreading eBay years ago.



Another youtuber who thinks he knows his shit…he doesnt.

Cant believe people watch this guy…smh


I’m pretty easy going & forgiving of most.
Absolutely can’t stand his videos or the way he presents things/carries on.
Just over the top non genuine & self serving.
One of the few comic related media things I simply will not watch.


I dont get how people dont see the hustle. It all leads to the app and clicking the links in the app that they get paid from. I watched him but quickly got the sheisty vibe like a corner hustler saying only HIS peoples got good weed etc. When if u look up and down the block there’s even better weed so I watch him to see what hype he creates to see how I can cash in. But hes strictly for the New guys and kids cuz they eat his info up.


You mean the guy who uses the comic book “karma” donations to use as books for the ‘mystery mail call’ boxes? I honestly can’t believe people donate their books so this guy can sell them

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Haha… are you saying he’s the Robert Tilton of the Comic Book world… basically send him $1000 (well, in this case, send him your comics) and you get your ticket to comic book heaven?

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I never sent him anything but just from watching a few of his videos seems really sketchy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have mixed feelings on ComicTom. I found his channel when he had a little over a thousand subscribers (now over 32k). This wasn’t all that long ago, so I’ve been fascinated by the quick rise.

From the beginning, I saw an enthusiastic personality and thoughtful production values (good lighting/audio), which already put him over tons of wannabe YouTubers. He has continued to apply marketing best practices for growing his brand and channel. Leaning into addressing the audience as “comic fam” and “the comic community” is a huge part of this. Now add in giveaways, collaborating with other channels, and then offering exclusives for his mystery boxes, and there’s a snowball effect. I got an eBay package this week that the seller shipped in a ComicTom custom Gemini mailer. Tom is continuing to reinvest in his brand.

I see a lot of parallels to Wizard magazine. They came out of the gate with a ton of personality and a good-looking product, and continued to become more and more “professional” looking. Remember when Wizard started offering their mail-away exclusives? And then the debates - were Wizard’s price guide and popularity lists reporting the market, or wagging the dog and influencing the market?

Personally, I don’t believe there is any way Tom is ignorant as to how OBO wins work, so reporting a $2k sale that wasn’t $2k does not look good. He and his co-hosts have reached a lot of visibility in a short period of time and I hope they can keep themselves in check.

I lost respect for him after he was working with CGC during one of the cons earlier this year, not because he was working with them, but because he took down his video which they made critiquing CGC a few years back.

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besides acting like one of those waving inflatables you see at car dealerships. he very suspect to me. takes sponsorship’s from anyone, does mystery boxes. his own crap variants. i cant take anything he does or says serious, you just dont know if he’s pumping a sponsors books so they dont drop him. oh and his so called top 10 list are just a copy from the crap app who just so happens to be a sponsor.

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Step 1 - Set up Youtube channel
Step 2 - Buy comics
Step 3 - Use Youtube channel to give out false information to drive up prices of comics
Step 4 - Sell comics.

I’m a dumbass, should have done this years ago

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I was trying to remember the cgc debacle…that was bad. Lost all respect as integrity was now in question. Done with him after that.

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Yup… you’d be a billionaire by now… :wink:

Memes are fun! :slight_smile:


Never heard of the guy, I wouldn’t pay $5 for that book when it was $5 so I’m glad someone made a lot of money. Kamala Khan is the most overrated and overpriced comic character in comics that is why her print runs are small no one but Cruzzer here probably read her last series in full.


Ummm… @CRUZZER I’m pretty sure is a Captain Marvel fan, not Ms. Marvel fan…

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I guess maybe I look at things a little bit less critical.

Pretty much every YouTube show has sponsors. It’s how they pay the bills. And they all promote their sponsors and say good things about their sponsors. This shouldn’t be scandalous or news to anyone. Sponsors pay the shows, the shows promote their sponsors products.

Some people have been promoting Bill from Econ on here the last few weeks. Every video he talks about the “amazing Comics Elite exclusive” then promotes his discount code with them. The last video I watched of his had 3 sponsors he promoted and his codes with all three.

It’s just how YouTube channels work. It really isn’t fair to rip on Tom because he promotes his main sponsor which is Key Collector. Hate Key Coll all you want, but it’s his sponsor he’s going to say good things about their product.

Simplemans comics promotes Frankies Comics, Lords of the Longbox promote Rocket Comics and Geeky Swag shop, Jims Comics promotes Key Collector, etc…pick your favorite YouTube spec channel, they’ve pretty much all got sponsors.

The other company that Tom sponsors is Mill Geek comics, who Russ (whose on the channel) owns and I believe Tom may work for. That’s understandable.

And to the people who say he copies the top 10 from Key Coll, he’s literally just doing their top 10 on YouTube. It’s clearly sponsored by them and half the time Nick from Key Coll is on the video.

Personality wise…that’s YouTube. Most YouTube guys are a little wacky.

Now…botching the high sale…that’s a eff up. Can’t be getting that one wrong. We all eff up though. Is what it is. Gotta fix that.

I think Tom just gets a lot of heat because of his close affiliation with Key Coll, and people’s hate towards Key Coll.

I think Key Coll serves a purpose, so I guess Tom doesn’t bother me as much.