Dr. Strange Casting/America Chavez perhaps?

I realize it isn’t new spec…and nothing certain, but if we do end up seeing America Chavez hit the big screen…look out.
I feel like Vengeance #1 is still a book to buy now even though it is expensive. Sky may be the limit on it.

Could be Nadia Pym, White Tiger, or X-23 as well if they are casting her to play a Hispanic lead character.

None of those…

It’s probably this character Dr Strange has many run ins with

But you can all keep wishing on America Chavez I’ve got 2 copies of Vengeance. The first rumor ever for Dr Strange 2 before it was called multiverse anything was Wolverine would appear in it, no one said which Wolverine.

And I’ve got this beauty in 9.8…ready to head off for Grading.

Raw copies have been hitting $200 recently…

Well…if it’s ole Medico that will be a heck of a change since it was a young teenage Hispanic girl that was cast lol.

Nadia Pym is Eastern European so that would be strange as well.

Will be fun to see…given that America is directly tied to the Multiverse…seems to make sense to me.

At least things are in the works…I sure miss new movies.

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Make sure they don’t lick their fingers to read it… so you can sell it as “new, unread” :wink:

Nice I ran across one in my recent collection search and a bunch of ultimates variants with her I don’t ever remember buying

Also of note…Disney is heavy into diversity. Another notable reason for bringing America into the fold/LGTB awareness.

No one knows the true appearance of Medico he’s referred to as him but that’s an assumption as far as we know.

Disney is heavy into diversity than they would cast an actual lesbian to play a lesbian lead role.

@Alana how do you know she isn’t?

These are all nice books also…

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She’s not even Hispanic she’s Asian most likely Nico whomp whomp

Because I don’t think that’s an actual question they can ask when hiring people for a job… :wink:

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Wouldnt be the first time Disney changed the ethnic of a character

She’s a straight Christian Canadian Asian doesn’t fit America Chavez at all

Why are people quick to say this is America Chavez though? Why not just wait and see…

I know gay people who are Christian… why you gotta drag religion into it now? :wink:

Are we talking about the same person?
Xochitl Gomez is not Asian lol… she’s Mexican.
Not sure where that bio is from…but they may want to check their info.
Xochitl always discusses how proud she is of her Hispanic heritage.