Dream Girl & Star Sapphire

Here are two DC ladies who I think have a decent shot at showing up in Gunn’s DCU. Why these ladies? I love the character designs, especially modern renditions. Cosplayers will love dressing up as them. Gunn will need female characters besides Wonder Woman and Harley. They’re also very affordable in low to mid grade and low buy ins are important to me. With Supergirl announced as well as a younger Superman, I think we may see the Legion of Super Heroes show up, which could bring in Dream Girl. Star Sapphire is a recurring character in DC until today, and with Lanterns announced, her connection to Hal Jordan could bring her into play.

I’ve added some covers I’ve been hunting below, and if there are any other covers you think should be on this list, please add them!

Dream Girl books to look for:

Adventure Comics 317
1st appearance

Legionnaires 16 (1997)
Iconic Hughes cover

Legion 35 (2004)
Great Hughes bondage cover


Supergirl & The Legion of Superheroes 21 (2006)
Awesome cover (Captain Marvel 17?)


Legion of Super-Heroes (series 7) 9 (2012)
That tentacle got a littttttttle too close…


Star Sapphire books to look for:

Green Lantern #16
1st appearance

Superman 261
Great Nick Cardy cover

Green Lantern #192
Just really like this cover


Green Lantern 45 1:25
This variant might be my fav. Star Sapphire cover

Blackest Night Wonder Woman 3
Wonder Woman as Star Sapphire. Technically shouldn’t be on this list, but it’s such a great cover


Blackest Night Wonder Woman 3 (1:25)
Same for this one, and way harder to find and more expensive