Drew Brees

There has been increased talk about the decline of Drew Brees’ play recently. It’s seemingly inevitable that he will be retiring at the end of the year anyway. Does anyone think its a good play to stock up on Jameis Winston and/or Taysom Hill rookies? The Hill cards are pretty pricey now but Winston could have potential if he gets back on the field.

I don’t think Hill is ever going to be a successful “regular” QB. He’s a great backup because of being able to fill multiple positions and be used in trick plays, but throw 30 times a game and win? Evidence remains to be seen.

If you’re into speculation I’d look more at maybe Justin Herbert. Being a UO fan the mainstream sports media has always underestimated how good he is, and the fact he almost led the Chargers to beat the Chiefs in his first start without even being able to prepare for the start is a good sign. Looks like his rookie cards are less than half of what Jameis’s are going for, so more room for some growth.

My RAIDERS crushed the Saints last night. It was beautiful. A few holes on our defense still, but, the RAIDERS are for real this year.
Forget Brees, Carr is the next Brees. Just win, baby…:skull_and_crossbones:AL


I’d expect the saints to try to draft a QB or pickup a veteran. Sean Payton wanted Tom Brady if Brees retired, but the Buccs have him now. I expect this to be Brees’ last year as well.

The next QB of the Saints is not currently on the roster.

Could be the craziest thing I’ve read on these boards :wink:

I mean he’s a perfectly fine QB, above average in today’s NFL. But let’s not compare him to a top 5 all-time QB. Not to mention Carr is almost 30 already.

Well, Brees is very good, and he has played the longevity game very well, but, people look past the fact that Brees has played 15 seasons in the NFL and only 8 of those 15 seasons were Brees’ Saints above .500.

Here is Brees’ stats up to his age 29 season (Carr is now 29).

Here is Carrs stats up to his age 29 season.

They are not that different.
Look at Carrs style now, he plays very similarly to Brees. Quick, accurate passes and not a lot of turnovers. Carrs arm, as far as the deep ball is concerned, is as good, or better than Brees’ever was. I’m not saying Carr is a carbon copy of Brees, I’m just pointing out the similarities in their games. :skull_and_crossbones:.[quote=“Comp82, post:8, topic:1874”]
Brees career record in NO is 134-84
Carr’s career record is 41-55

Brees career record in NO is 134-84
Carr’s career record is 41-55

Statistically speaking, Carrs career at Age 29 is more then half done. But we will call it half way for the sake of argument.

Brees 13 Pro bowls
Carr 3

Brees 78k yards
Carr 22k yards

Brees 550 TDs
Carr 147

Brees 98 career passer rating
Carr 91

Even if you double Carrs stats, they aren’t even remotely close to Brees.

They are both QBs, I will give you that. :wink:

At 41-55 in career, I don’t think you can use Just Win Baby and Carr in the same post. :wink:

@Comp82… You’re comparing a 20 year career to a 6 year career with those statistics. Not a valid point, imo.

Why do you leave the first 5 years of Brees’ career out of your W/L total? It’s almost as if something changes for Drew from year 5 to year 6, :thinking:. Like maybe he was traded from a bad team to a good team where he partnered up with a brilliant head coach, or something like that.

You would need to 3.3x Carrs stats (Brees played 20 years, Carr has played 6) to properly equate their statistics. And if you do the math, Carr is literally right on par with Brees in every major QB statistical category, give or take.

W/L is a team stat, not an individual one. Archie Manning (career record of 35-101-3) is in the HOF. Manning did not have 1 winning season and he never made it to the playoffs, yet, he is in the HOF because he was a good QB, that happened to play on a really bad team. W/L is a team stat.
There are 25+ starting players on any given NFL team. It is a ludicrous argument to put a team record on one players shoulder. W/L is a team stat.

If you look at the stats provided above, Carr is pretty much a Brees clone, through their respective age 29 seasons. You can’t argue those statistics.
Carr has had extenuating circumstances during his first 5 years in the NFL. He has had 3 different HCs, 4 different OCs, and he is already in the middle of a 2nd rebuild of the franchise (2014, then again in 2018). Carr now has stability and consistentcy in the team around him, which will allow him to flourish, just as he did in 2016 when he led the Raiders to 12-3, and he was a leading league MVP candidate (Brees/Saints went 7-9 that year, fyi).
You watch.

Rich Gannon won his only MVP at age 37, under Jon Gruden. Why can’t Carr play at that level, at that age, in that system? Brees is 41. That gives Carr 12 more seasons to catch up. Not exactly half way to being finished, more like 1/3. Gannon and Gruden took 3 years before they became perennial SB contenders. Carr and Gruden look to be on that same arc.
You’ll see in January what I’m talking about. :wink::skull_and_crossbones:

I grew up in LA so I’m a huge Raiders fan and love Carr, but he doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Brees at this point in his career. For one thing, it doesn’t take into account how much passing has increased in the NFL between 2001 and 2014. The difference for the average team is +30 years, +3% completion, -1% INT rate, and +10 QBR. If you look at adjusted yards per attempt (which takes into account every passing related statistic) the increase from 2001 to 2014 on average is the same as the increase from 1978 to 2001.

Can Carr still be a great QB? I think so. I didn’t lose faith in him like a lot of Raiders fans (although as a Raider fan living in Oregon I was excited to see Mariota…). But Brees is a top 5 of all time for a reason.

Yes he does. If you look at each of their first 6 seasons in the league, as posted above, they exactly deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence. Look at the numbers, stop going off of nostalgia. Do any of you actually remember Brees when he played 5 years in SD? Lol

You guys aren’t reading critically. I started this off by saying that Carr isn’t a carbon copy of Brees. I said, look at their first 6 years respectively. They are very, very, very similar. The stats, the situation, the HC situation…all very, very similar. Any fool knows that Carr, in his 6 years, is not as accomplished as Brees, in his 20th year. Sheesh. Lol

I don’t know how to fancy multi quote like that do I will do them individually.

Brees had a winning record in SD.

Would you prefer 164-112 instead of 134-84? Both significantly higher winning percentage then 41-55.

He’s 29. He doesn’t have 3.3x more of his career left.

Statistically speaking most QBs, even great ones, don’t play that well into their 40s. Brees and Brady are anomalies. You can’t just assume Carr at Age 29 has 14 years left at a high level.

You literally brought up number of winning seasons. Was just responding to you.

I know, and I was just saying that you can’t compare their first 5 years because the difference in average QB play has increased between their first five years from each other as much as comparing a QB from 1978 to Brees in 2001. If you adjust Brees’s 2001 stats “for inflation” (or whatever it would be called?) he’d be even further ahead of Carr in the important stats.

Although if you put Carr on a team that had a winning record more than 1 time in his first 7 years, he may have been able to better match what Brees did. As much as people glorify the QBs, we all know it’s a team sport and if the team around you struggles there’s only so much even the best QBs of all time could do.

Got my :popcorn: , enjoying the show… :wink:

Rich Gannon did not even start for half of his career. He broke 3k yards 3 times and 4k yards once.

Brees has more 5000 yard seasons then Gannon has 4000 yard seasons.

Brees has more 40 TD years then Gannon has 30 (Gannons career high is 28).

It’s just silly talk bringing Gannon into this conversation.

Brees and Brady are anomalies. You can’t try to state anyone will have success into their 40s like they have.

Perennial SB contenders? They went to 1 and got crushed by the Bucs.

Since we are talking stats…where at stats most relevant fantasy football.

Carr is currently owned in 18% of Yahoo leagues.

That ranks him 26th QB by rostered percentage in the NFL.

In today’s NFL. Behind such greats as Teddy Bridgewater and Gardner Minshew.

And you are comparing him to a top 5 all-time QB.

I’m as much of a homer as the next guy, love ya @jcLu, but this is crazy talk. Lol

PS: I’m not a Saints fan or a Brees fan. So I feel I’m pretty unbiased with no skin in the debate.