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I haven’t read any replies yet, gotta get up and finish shingling my garage today. But, I will say that, admittedly, I am a life long Raiders die-hard and therefore I am biased. Having said that, I have followed the entire NFL very closely for 30 years, since I was 9-10. I was gambling on football at age 11, lol. So I like to think I understand the history of the game and it’s players. :beers:

That was my point. If a career back up can play that well in Grudens system at that advanced of an age, then why can’t Carr? I wasn’t comparing Brees to Gannon. Read critically, please.

Brady and Brees are not anomlies compared to the past. There are lots of QBs who played into their late 30s and early 40s and had success (some more than others, lol). Rivers, Moon, Kelly, Favre, Blanda, Brunel, Flutie, Testaverde, Cunningham, Montana, Deberg…
Not to mention that Brees and Brady owe their longevity to their quick releases and stellar offensive lines. Two things that Carr currently has in spades.

Yes, perennial contenders. For those 3 years, the Raiders were one of the best teams of all-time, statistically. The only reason they were beat by TB in the SB was because they were using their opponents coaches playbook. Not to mention the tuck rule game that probably stole a SB ring from us. Yes, for 3 glorious years, they were perennial contenders. Drew Brees’ isn’t even a perennial playoff QB. He has missed the playoffs 10x in his 20 year career.
Again though, you’ve gone way off track. Again, I didn’t say Carr was as accomplished as Brees, nor did I state that Gannon was as accomplished as Brees. It was even alluded too.
You can distort whatever you like, but that doesn’t make a valid point, imo. I still would like to know why you left out Brees’ 1st 5 years of his career, when you compared him to Carrs career whole career. You shouldn’t have to cherry pick years if your point stands on it’s two own legs. :man_shrugging::skull_and_crossbones: (I know this sounds cheeky, that is not the intent :+1:).

My original point was, and still is, is that Carrs 1st 6 years of his career very closely mirror Brees’ 1st 6 years. And if you compare Brees and Carrs QB play, style and statistics, you will glaringly see how similar those respective years, of those two respective players, are. :skull_and_crossbones:

Averaging 11 wins over 3 years…getting to (and losing badly) one Super Bowl…makes you one of the best teams of all-time?

Cmon now.

That’s even crazier then your Carr take. Lol.

I think 1 winning record in the last 17 years is getting to you.

There’s really no point in going further.

I wish you the best of luck this year. Cheers :beers:

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There has not been any drastic changes in the avg points scored in an NFL game over the last 20 years. Yes, it is trending up, but it is not drastic by any stretch. In 2002 the avg team scored 2.48 TDs per game. In 2019, the average team scored 2.6 TDs per game. A good defense will always beat a good offense. That is another reason why TB beat OAK in that SB. TB had the #1 Defense, and Oakland had the #1 offense.

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Best teams of all time STATISTICALLY… meaning, they were one of the most proficient, high scoring offenses in league history over that 3 year span. My mistake for not clarifying.

Sorry I had to…

2000-2002 - 1328 points

2017-2019 - 1410 points
2016-2018 - 1421
2015-2017 - 1325
2011-2013 - 1422
2010-2012 - 1392
2009-2011 - 1441
2008-2010 - 1357

Raiders 2000 - 450
Raiders 2001 - 399
Raiders 2002 - 479

Saints AVERAGE over the last TWELVE seasons - 456

Which includes 3 seasons over 500 points…

And the Saints are FAR from one of the greatest teams of all time.

Ok now I’m really done. Cheers :beers:

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Again, I didn’t say THE best, I clearly stated that it was one of the most proficient…all time. I still stand by that statement, and so do the record books. :skull_and_crossbones:
As a small slice of just how proficient Gannons Raiders were on offense, they still hold the all time record for most completions in a non overtime game -43 vs PIT 2002. Small slice,but a nice snapshot of just how proficient that offense was with a MVP at QB, and two all time great HOFs at WR, Brown and Rice. :skull_and_crossbones:
And yes, the Saints, Peyton and Brees, are considered one the best offensive duos in league history.
I’m not sure what your point was there. Comparing an all time great offense, to another all time great offense, is a moot point, at best.
You’re refusing to see the point, as shown by your off page rebuttals. Like I said, you’ll see, come January for the next 7-8 years. :man_shrugging::skull_and_crossbones::beers:

Ya’ll just need to whip it out to see who really wins the argument… :wink:

Well, the two teams played on Monday, and the Raiders crushed the SB contending Saints. No need to whip anything anywhere. The numbers speak for themselves. :skull_and_crossbones:
And yes, I’m passionate about pro football, lol.

One game doesn’t necessarily settle the argument though… :wink:

I’m a Raiders fan. That is not an easy task, as seen by Comps pic of the Raiders’ record over the last 18 years. I’ll take what I can get. Lol :skull_and_crossbones:
But, the Raiders do have 3 SB Rings in their trophy case, and the 'Aints only have 1.

This year is the highest scoring first two weeks of any NFL season ever. Rodgers is gonna light up New Orleans Sunday night btw.

I would suspect that is partly due to there being zero preseason games. It’s going to take some time for the defenses to learn to play with their new teammates and in their new systems. Defense is essentially a reactionary position, especially the DBs and LBs. You can only really practice against a game speed opponent. So, scoring is easier playing against defenses that are learning, and making mistakes, on the fly. It’ll tighten up as the season moves on, injuries occur, and winter sets in.

They’re practicing social distancing… due to COVID… so no real defense… muhahahahahaha!!!

Packers are likely going to force a Shootout in New Orleans. We will find out what Brees is still capable or incapable of.

Don’t forget to account for the rule changes in the NFL when making this comparison.

What implications would any rule changes have on the comparison?
The only real ‘rule’ changes that have been changed or enacted are rules concerning concussions and player safety.


While I do think there is some validity to what Hasslebeck says, rule changes have not drastically altered the scoring avg for any QB or team, as seen above.
Defenses are pretty good at adapting to the rule changes too.