Drew Brees

How bout them Raiders @jcLu :wink:

Thank you for thinking of me on game day, @Comp82. I see our conversation the other day has been weighing on your mind, such that you had me in your thoughts so soon after todays game was over. :wink:
Good game. Tough match up playing against Bilichek, especially after flying across the country for a third week in a row. Renfrow looked good as always. Ingold and JJ played well. Carr shined at times. Ruggs’ speed thread was missed, and it was tough to see Edwards go down awkwardly. Guenther and his defense left something to be desired indeed. Abram was over pursuing a lot which lead to a bunch of missed tackles. The D-Line played well, when the pass was on, but we couldn’t stop the run if our life depended on it. That was more the 2nd and 3rd levels not supporting though. I expect Marinelli to take over the DC position by week 8. Our youth definitely showed today, but the guys played with determination to the end. Live and learn. Nobody wins 'em all. Games like today build mettle in the team. It’s going to be a fun season…a commitment to excellence…20☠️20

PS. The worst part about today’s game was the fact that I had to listen to Tony Romo and his incomplete, incoherent thoughts during today’s telecast. Damn, he is a terrible commentator.

Ha. I actually like Romo.

Hopefully Edwards is ok. Tough knee history and it didn’t look good. He could walk which is a good sign. I’ve got him in one of my dynasty leagues.

Damn skippy. How 'bout them Raiders. 20☠️20

3-2. They lost the next 2 games after your SB prediction. Ha. It’s a long season. Ruggs looked good though.

???..SB prediction??.. enlighten me as to what my SB prediction was. Lmao.

You, @Comp82, and the entire NFL, just saw a glimpse of what this Raiders team is capable of. Like I told you from the start…you will see what I’m talking about come January…20☠️20

You were oddly quiet after their back to back losses against teams that no one expects much from. Ha.

It’s a young team. Give them a little time. You are a little ahead of things. Will be some growing pains this year but should be promising for next year.

The only teams that have given up more points then the raiders are the 0-5 Falcons, 0-5 Jets and the horrible Cowboys D.

Defense isn’t there yet. And come when it matters that’s important. Give them another year or so and let that D develop and I agree they are a contender.

Drew Brees is playing on monday night football again. 17/28 for 143 yds, 1 INT, and a rushing TD so far.