DrunkWooky Comic Review: Justice League: Endless Winter #1

Hey, everybody! I’m kicking off my read through reviews of DC’s next Justice League event, Endless Winter!

Tony and Poyo, feel free to copy/paste onto the main site if you feel so compelled. For some reason my submission credentials aren’t working over on wordpress anymore.


Great review! I look forward to reading my copy even more now!

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Thanks, sir. Writing reviews keeps me engaged. I quite enjoy it.

Was in two minds about ordering this, but now glad I did. Sounds like a promising start - just need my copy to arrive now. Thanks for the insight!

My take is that, so far, at least this Ice Giant is some reality-shredding, multiverse destroying, continuity testing, chore of a villain. So far with Dark Nights Metal and Death Metal, I feel like it’s homework trying to keep track of all the decades of DC history and then all the disparate threads.

Straight forward story, please!