DrunKWooky Star Wars High Republic #3 Mike Mayhew Trade and Virgin Giveaway!

Hey, everywookiee! Did you miss that Mike Mayhew exclusive High Republic #3 sale today? If you did, I have a chance to make your day all better! I am running a contest over at DrunkWooky.com and giving away one (1) set of the trade and virgin covers (2 comics) to one luckily and randomly drawn winner!

What you need to do is head over and comment on the DrunkWooky.com article with an answer to the question I pose in the article! The drawing is next Friday! Good luck!


I commented, but it isn’t showing up. Don’t want to reply twice…

They require approval. They’ll show up. Good luck!

Sounds like work

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Delete my second one then lol. I jumped the gun

I left this comment but damn it’s got me thinking

‘Hear me out… A Gerb Jedi imagine the mobility & speed they already have in their legs to jump out of the way of incoming attacks and how fast they would be on the offensive and thats without the added force sensitivity
They also have immense hearing too on any battlefield or mission a trained Gerb Jedi would be dangerous’

Imagine a Gerb Jedi they’re basically humanoid rabbits

Yeah, that or Lepi.

Damn someone’s going to comment Lepi now

I like the Lepi idea but I’m sticking to my guns with the Gerb, imagine a young Gerb force sensitive being taught the ways of Goverments and politics not being able to handle the big society and eventually falling to the dark side OR it could be he loves it and becomes a great Jedi helping expand past the outer rim

A Anakin like dark side origin where the Gerb goes and kills a colony of Sliths back on Yavern 13 would be cool too, it’s so many story opportunities in the Star Wars universe I love it

This is very cool, and awfully generous of you. I commented, and here’s a big clue:



Nem Bees = cool ninja like Jedi knight
Max Rebo = evil sadistic musician

Either ways we need to see some more flushed out Ortolan stories :elephant:

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Hey, everybody, just a heads up that I am closing entries and drawing a winner tomorrow! Head over to the post on my site and comment with an answer to enter!


Winner announced:

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Well damn. Congrats to the weiner!!

There’s no need to click on the link guys I won of course with my Gerb answer… please don’t press on the link


But I won with my Hutt answer. So how did you win also?

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Congrats Lewis!!!

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