E. GERBER Comic Supplies

Just a quick FYI for anyone who routinely orders their stuff via E. GERBER directly. They are a bit backlogged. Around a 4-8 week delay currently.
Regardless, I highly recommend them. You will not find a better price versus going through them directly.
I love the standard Mylite2 and full boards myself.

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It’s funny you brought this up today because my order just shipped this morning. I placed my order the last week of January, not sure of the exact date though. So approximately 6 weeks for me. I ordered 1000 each of the Mylites2 standard size and fullback boards. Best combo out there in my opinion.


Supplies across the board at almost all suppliers are backlogged or backordered. We’re starting to see some of the impacts of delayed and cancelled production from COVID, and the world re-opening. A lot of the delays are also due to ports being backlogged. Some ships trying to deliver cargo are stuck off shore for weeks waiting for a spot to open for them.

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It’s crazy how big of a backlog there is . It seems like it is hitting a lot a sectors.

This is my industry! It really is crazy the wait time on these vessels. I don’t see it clearing up anytime soon. Our port here in Houston would probably have a significant increase in volume if we had a wider channel! We have received a slight increase in business, but those larger ships can only call a handful of ports in the United States.

That’s when you better have your card deck handy… lots of solitaire I’d imagine going on on those ships… :wink:

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Good to hear confirmation from someone seeing it! All I have to go by is what all the distributors, FedEx, etc. have told us when we ask why stuff is sitting at rail yards or docks for weeks at a time with no movement!

One of them sent us a picture showing the number of ships anchored offshore just waiting to get into the port in Los Angeles and it looked like a parking lot for ships.


This is pretty interesting for people who like data. It’s the info from the port of LA that they provide on the current operations. Shows there are some ships that have been at anchor for 9 days still waiting to dock.

And the port has been processing about 140,000 20-foot shipping containers a week. To give a visual perspective if you filled every foot of a football field with metal shipping containers, the amount going through the LA ports alone each week would 100% cover 466 football fields.

So that’s why supplies and a lot of things that are manufactured in China are so backed up for orders right now. Even with factories in action again, you’re adding almost as much time as it takes a ship to cross the ocean that they’re just sitting there waiting to unload. And that doesn’t even begin to involve how long the freight companies, delivery companies, etc. are taking once stuff is unloaded.

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Yeah and the other issue are the container terminals. Once you get above 85% capacity, it takes longer to deliver cargo to trucks and receive cargo from vessels. So it’s a double edged sword…container terminals are packed, which slows down delivering cargo, which causes vessels to operate (load / offload) slower, which causes vessels to wait in the channel…it goes on and on and on.

I’ve worked at / visited quite a few of the worlds container terminals and the same thing happens all over. Same cause and same effect.

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I just relized I’m almost out of Mylars and was getting ready to place an order with them.

I suddenly feel quite fortunate! One of the local comics shops I frequent sells E. Gerber products and I buy locally.

I better check their stock in case they’re running low.

I do the same. There’s one shop about 45 minutes away that I get my mylars from. Only place to carry them.

Tried to order from Gerber a few months back and they told me it was a 3 month wait so I held off.

Just to update…I received my shipment on April 19th (400 full backs/mylite 2). Ordered March 9th.

So it wasn’t a horrible turn around time all in all.

Yes but what do they charge you? I can get 1000 each of mylites2 and fullbacks for less than $400 directly through eGerber.

Does eGerber take paypal? Thinking of ordering through them.

No…their operation is pretty old school to be honest. Email correspondence or a phone call and interactions with their one employee (to my knowledge) that handles ordering. Typically I’ve had to leave messages and she calls me back. You won’t have your card processed till they ship at least.
It’s worth it though…your dealing directly with the maker/company…nobody is going to beat their price (unless they are taking a loss I guess lol).

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Miss Brenda lol. She’s great.


Another reason to support them… small private owned business. :slight_smile:


Yeah…I hope I didn’t come across as complaining. I am a long term customer and have had zero issues.

They are right up there with the Boyer candy company that’s been making Mallo cups for ages lol.

Mallo Cups are the SHIT! Someday I’ll get enough points for something cool, if the excessive amount of Mallo Cups I need to eat to do so doesn’t kill me first.

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