Ebay and restoration books

I purchased a Star Wars #42 on ebay in 2020 and I submitted it to CGC for grading. The grade came back on the website as Restored with color touch. Has anyone had similar issues with restored books on ebay.

Anything restored I’ve bought knowing it’s restored but I’ve gotten unlucky on a few marvel stamps on eBay before. First Ironfist first Wolverine but I’ve replaced both those with better copies.

Its been over six months since the ebay transaction and it looks like its too late for me to approach the seller about the restoration. Do you think it is possible the seller also didn’t know about the restoration?

Very well possible they didn’t know.

I do feel like it’s definitely possible. I certainly wouldn’t be able to distinguish it on a book and could easily sell a book not realizing.

The only thing I feel a bit odd about is that someone would have applied restoration to that book.
Recently…sure… it’s skyrocketed but not in the distant past. I’m not sure when in 2020 you bought it…longer than 6 months per your statement.
A year ago at this time… wasn’t really all that pricey & not something worth messing around with in terms of resto imo. Maybe I’m just naive.
Sorry man… that’s disappointing I’m sure.

I think they’ve stated that most people in their lifetime likely held and used a counterfeit bill before and never realized it… so yes, could definitely happen to the majority out there.


And for that reason I don’t buy bronze and older key books over $100 not certified by cgc or cbcs.


And that is why I don’t slab…no one will tell me different and I will live in bliss. :slight_smile:



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A lot of restoration grading is dumb you can scribble all over a cover with pen and get a book graded with a normal label. As soon as that pen follows a outline on the comic it’s called restoration :joy:


Bought the book December 2020 when it started heating up. it came back a CGC 9.0 but with restoration. 2nd time this has happened to me, the last time it was missing a page.

With the kind of year CGC has had, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got it wrong on this.

I will post pics when the books comes in.

Reach out to the seller. They may still offer a partial refund - you never know.

When he gets I’d back, crack it out and scribble over the resto on it with a marker. Then Send it back in.


They probably had no idea, some of these comics have changed hands so many times.

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Just sucks to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a book, then get it pressed and graded and it comes back restored.

Yeah it does.

I got the restored book back from CGC. see attached: I can’t see the restoration but it supposes to in on the bottom left near the spine.

Might want to snap a pic of just the lower corner to get a bigger and more detailed look. Try to avoid the glare as well from the slab.

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