eBay Headaches

$50 from thousands of sellers adds up… you bet your bottom dollar they could make money from it. They might state they’re not making money from holding your money but there’s also nothing stopping them either if they have bank accounts or other accounts accruing interest, etc.

Well, all I can say is, eBay says they don’t in their TOS. I’m sure somebody could post thousands of examples of a company saying they don’t do something and do it anyway. Nothing I can do about it at this point. I’m not going to stop selling on eBay, and I can’t force them to give me my money immediately. Feels like some of yall have an axe to grind with them.

Not really. You take away something that’s been around forever, then the simple solution, I don’t use your services any longer if I don’t like the changes. I’m sure they’re anticipating losing a lot of sellers due to this. It’s fine they wanted to start their own payment service but they should still give sellers the freedom to use other forms of payment as well. Sellers are the ones who keep them in business… yes, buyers do as well but if it weren’t for people selling on their platform, they wouldn’t exist.

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Definitely no ax to grind. If I’m selling something I bought and paid for I want my money immediately as it’s always been. You can’t go from being paid immediately to waiting over a week for a payment to be available.

If they say there not making money off of the held money I tend to believe it. However they’d make a killing in holding everyone’s money.

They have the ability to keep the timeframes as they are now with PayPal. They chose not to because it would cut into the profits. It’s that simple.

They’re fees total almost 20% for comics. It used to be around 10% a few years ago. It’s just ridiculous and there’s no real alternative to eBay.

There you go. That is the real problem. I agree with you all here. But, name another service or website that gets used as frequently and by as many people as eBay that is cheaper or free.

As far as the fees go. It’s only 12% + 30¢ per sold listing. You get a discount of 1% if you open a “store” with them. If you don’t have managed payments, it is still 10% + PayPal fees of ~4%.

Sounds like the copies that didn’t grade 9.8 came back from cgc…


I just received an invoice and my fees were at 17.90%.

I have a very large amount of fairly big ticket Vintage Toys. Carded Star Wars, Sealed Big Jim figures, tin windups, etc. Certainly a large amount of fairly pricey comics to boot.

Auction houses have also been sort of a “last resort” due to the fees, but Ebay is really closing in on them. If, in the near future, I decide to part with the high end stuff. I’ll be contacting Hakes for it. Hakes takes care of everything for you…no hassle, no worry, no games.

It’s a shame that Ebay has even come close to making me want to use an auction service due to their greed.

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At 18% might as well open your own actual comic storefront.


So to contact eBay about managed payments it’s only one option and it’s a 212 minute callback time. On the other hand I was trying to cheat by getting to it in a different way. Saying it was a shipping issue which gave me other contact options and a 40 minute callback time. Managed payments isn’t going across well.

My newest problem today is I sold another item and when printing the label through eBay it gives you the payment options. I of course chose my balance. It let me choose the balance even though there was nothing there. Now it’s negative. One thing after another.

Why would you empty your balance if you still have items to ship that you draw funds from it?

Am I missing something?

It all happens automatically or how you have it setup for part of it. I think they’ll take it out of my checking or when more funds come in. It’s just a pain in the backside. You’d think it wouldn’t give you the option to use a balance that’s zero.

They way I work my sales is I have a money in PayPal account for all sales and a money out PayPal account for all my purchases. So I transfer money between accounts at the beginning of the month. The money I spend on books this month is coming from sales from last month. The money I made this month will pay my eBay fees at the beginning of the month and what is left over will be my spending budget, plus what I pay postage out of, for the next month (I blew out my budget this month). So while I would prefer instant payments to hit my account right away, I have kind of structured myself for this kind of thing anyway.

One thing I have noticed that I don’t like is that the money doesn’t go from pending to available until I print shipping labels. Overall though I don’t have a problem with how it works and as I have said it allows people to buy from you that don’t have Paypal accounts. I haven’t really used Paypal since managed payments started

I just leave it in my PayPal account. The only money I take out is to add back to my checking what I paid for the comics I sell. I rarely let my balance go to zero.

But I only fund spec comics from PayPal…my normal pulls come from my normal paycheck…unless I decide to sell them (in which they turn into spec and I pay back my checking).

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Btw, I still have yet to receive a single email, including w/in my spam, related to this transition. Is anyone else getting reminders?

Yes and ive even gotten $15 coupons to switch now…

Change of pace for this thread…

Why do stores, that sell new weekly books on ebay, undercut others ? Im specifically talking about stores that sell books above cover price. Like, they KNOW the books are hot and have value, why undercut others ? Why not strive for the maximum profits ?

I think most want the sale now rather than later. If they’re making profit, that’s all that matters and they don’t want the product to sit, they want to move on to the next book.

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They’ve got a $15 coupon for switching and they’re pyshngg it hard.

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