eBay Headaches

They’re comfortable with the profit and want to move product.

Because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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My headaches are rarely with ebay itself and are usually with buyers who claim damage and then I ask for pictures and they say nah I am just going to open a claim. Ummmm, ok? I am going to ask for pictures before authorizing a return anyway and fight the return as much as possible. If you just show me pictures of what you are talking about I will probably just refund you right now and you can keep the comics and this is all taken care of. Why do people need to make this difficult? Especially over $12 lol Just treat it like we are in person and you are showing me what’s wrong with what you bought so I can take action. If the buyer is in these forums, dude, just show me pictures! I have over 9000 feedback. I have been selling on ebay since 1999. I am not trying to rip people off.

Thats my ebay rant for the day.


Here is my headache with ebay. I accepted this guys offer and then he cancelled his purchase and then left me negative feedback. Wut? I report it to ebay to get this bogus feedback removed and they dont remove it. It is my one negative feedback for the past 12 months. And of course sellers have no way to leave negative feedback for buyers anymore. This is ebay protecting their sellers lol wtf


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I love the response… “Weirdo”… haha…

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I’d give ebay another call and request a supervisor if necessary. His feedback has easily provable lies in it and eBay will remove it. Maybe you got a new rep last time. If it was a best offer it wasn’t won in an auction. There will be a record of the buyer asking to cancel as well. And we’re to trust someone whose first two statements were lies?


Good advice from ToddW.

Here is some more good advice; AngryMrBungle did nothing to deserve his negative…this is simply an unreasonable buyer. So:

Please post their eBay handles (not real names), so that they can be blocked.

This is the only real punishment that you can offer…that these buyers cannot buy from thousands of reputable sellers.


We have an avoid list to post such things…

I bet those books are just fine and they don’t want to pay for them.

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That is what I usually think right away when they won’t show pictures but it was legit. He was just being some kind of weird ahole. Wrote me a message about how he doesn’t have time to take pictures of $10 worth of comics because it’s the principle of it. So I wrote back saying yea and I don’t do refunds without pictures. It’s the principle of it. He contacted ebay and they basically told him to shut up and just send pics so he did and I refunded him. Dude didn’t have time to take pics so he could be refunded today but had time to want to go through a 2 week return process?? I don’t understand people lol

There are so many angry crazy people it is truly unbelievable.

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Buyer should be blocked even more so…

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Huh, guess he did in fact have time. :roll_eyes: Probably a whole two minutes or so with a smartphone?

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I’m taking pics of the packaging before I even remove the books in some cases. If it’s beat up or sliding around I almost always taking a few before unpacking.

I know sometimes damage can be hard to pick up in pictures but can be seen easily in hand. However you still take some pics to prove your case.


They may not think it has long term value and want to sell it quick before the buzz dies down. They may only be selling part of their stock to cover costs and holding on to the rest to sell higher later. They may have a number they’re comfortable getting rather than waiting an unknown amount of time for a few bucks more.

There are lots of reasons, but the bottom line in the end is if they’re an ACTUAL shop and not just a single person acting as a shop online to order things doing it as a hobby, cash flow is very important and having it tied up in EVERY spec is unreasonable. So they’ll pick and choose their battles based on their own beliefs or strategies.


Got a message from a buyer today that his package arrived damaged. Boy did it ever!

So I look at the sale and see it was shipped through eBays Global Shipping Program so now what the hell do I do?

Look around ebay and it says have the buyer contact eBay because the damage happened after eBay shipped it from Kentucky to Canada. So I do that and tell the buyer to keep me posted.

About a half hour later I get a message that the buyer has opened a return request and the funds for the amount of the sale are on hold. It also says I need to respond by December 1st or the buyer may keep the item and get refunded from my money. Uhhhhh wut?

I look around inside the claim and find it says “If you believe the item was damaged after its arrival at the GSP shipping center, please wait until Dec 02, 2020 and visit this page again to escalate this issue to eBay customer support”.

Mind you all of this stuff is not in plain sight and not very self explanatory. I had to search the eBay forums to find out most of this stuff. So now I have to wait a week to escalate this to customer support and then wait however much longer for them to decide what to do. All the while I have $75 on hold until they do this. Glad I am not desperate for that $75.

This is obviously a way for them to hope people don’t escalate on time and they just take the sellers money when eBay is the one that should be paying for this. Multi-Billion Dollar Company tries to screw over thousandaire. NOT ON MY WATCH! F U E b A Y!

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File a claim with the USPS. It’ll be covered for at least $50 since it’s priority mail. This is definitely on the USPS. That’s a lot of packaging to get through for that amount of damage. Either the post office smash or the buyer did. Someone Hulked out on it for sure. Where did you ship it from?

They don’t even need to do that. If the damage happened between the Global Shipping center and the final destination, ebay will provide the refund. I’ve had numerous things get damaged after passing through there and never had a problem with it.


I had the same problem shipping a graded comic. Anything going through Philadelphia or Chicago is going to have big delays and the chance to get damaged. I & the buyer were lucky that the graded comic survived intact.

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Yup, cause to my knowledge, eBay Global Shipping inspects all items and they pack again. So if it was damaged prior to them obtaining, they wouldn’t ship it out.

I once sold a computer part to someone overseas, they got a message telling them they could not fulfill the package. The buyer contacted me before eBay sent me an message stating, we could not fulfill the item to the buyer, they have been refunded and you keep your money.

The buyer was in luck cause I had another one, listed it, sold and it got to them without issues. So we could only assume it got damaged by one of their employees when inspecting.

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