eBay Headaches

I am actually a little scared at the moment. I have about 10 packages that have not been delivered to buyers yet. Seriously clenched at the moment.

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I have an item that tracking shows as not yet having left my post office, but I have positive feedback from the buyer which I assume means it was delivered. Nice to know I can’t even rely on tracking =/

That very expensive book I’ve been talking about that was sent out 11/30 is still in limbo…the only good news is that after absolutely nothing since the acceptance on 11/30 and a “in transit/delayed” on 12/4, it finally had another update and “processed at distribution center xxx” update on 12/23. So in nearly one entire month…my priority mail item moved a grand total of 43 miles.

At least with the new update and assurance it really was out there, my seller is still being incredibly kind and patient.

The stuff is out there…it is just all sitting in cargo trailers and buried. Their absolutely absurd lack of first in/first out processing is the issue.


I still have a bunch of other packages being delayed too. One with an open case too. That guy got another package that I had sent. The first order was by first class and the second was by priority. He keeps sending me messages on what am I going to do about it. I understand not being happy. But I can’t do anything. I have been checking each day on the progress of packages. Most are with the departed your post office. Then they get updated like 10 days or so that they arrived at the next location. A bunch are labeled depart post office still, ugh…

I hope that the rest arrive this week. Most of these are Star Wars toys that I sold. Next year I am switching to either Fedex or UPS in November or I might start just using them all together. The USPS is no help.

Tell him you plan on running for Postmaster General so you can then tell all the USPS employees how to do their jobs… :rofl:

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This the real story on why Daredevil is in prison. He confronted the post master looking for his package…


Someone opened a case against me for the same reason and I just uploaded the tracking and ebay closed the case a few days ago. My tracking did not show it was delivered yet but it was delayed but still on the way. I am not sure what happened with Toy_Makers case but they shouldn’t be refunding the buyer if you provided tracking showing the packages movement.

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Yup and in other situations, even USPS when a case is opened will wait 2+ weeks before they deem a package “lost” but under the given circumstances, USPS is just telling everyone the same thing… holidays, pandemic, sick workers, lots of mail = lots of delays… it’s just common sense at this point. Americans need to learn patience again… this instant gratification is making people spoiled little babies…


So I had 63 total packages sent out in the past 2 weeks. Here’s the current status of them:

27 are still in status shipped with tracking updates (I think roughly half of them show “out for delivery” today)
36 have been delivered (and most within 4 days, media mail is moving faster than priority currently)

Only 1 of my priority packages has been delivered out of the 27 still in shipped status.

I had 5 of these case opened the past two weeks. I did provide tracking numbers for each of them and 3 were closed because they got delivered. After a week or so the buyer can choose to have eBay come in and review. That is what the buyer did in my last case. Ebay just looked and saw that the item was not delivered and refunded the buyer. I don’t know what will happen when the item gets delivered. The item is stuck in transit somewhere right now. I can’t even see the details because of a glitch with Ebay. It is a bunch of BS. I think I will open a case with the USPS or look into it.

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This is a reason I’m now done with eBay. Their support is sub par, they side with buyers (to make the customer experience better so they keep on buying over sellers). Imagine when things go wrong and they have access to your banking directly… yeah, no thanks.

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You need to push back against their decision. I remember one time someone did a return and ebay took it upon themselves to refund the buyer before I had gotten the item back. I wrote them a nastygram saying how dare you refund this before I verify receipt of the item and so on and they refunded my money

If you have the tracking and it shows it has been picked up by the post office and is in transit I would call or write them and tell them now they went and refunded this the buyer is still going to get the items so now you are out money and the items. They either say too bad for you or they give you your money back when you show them the package is still in transit. Whatever you do don’t let them push you around. You have to at least try to call them on their bullcrap


I think in this case, it’s time to “request a supervisor”… :wink:


So I have a question from the other side of this equation. When’s the latest I can do something under the money back guarantee? It looks like up to 30 days after most recent estimated delivery date. Does this mean I have to do something at least by day 30 or it doesn’t fall under the guarantee?

I have a stalled package that hasn’t moved since day of mailing 11/30 and I’m planning to just wait it out, but if there’s a cutoff in the eBay system that makes it harder to get a refund if it really doesn’t ever arrive, I uh don’t want to miss that.

This is where eBay if they have such policies need to be a little more relaxed with the known USPS woes going on. USPS and eBay need to work together. If eBay can’t break their own “policy” they set themselves, then there lies the real issue I think.

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I mean, they do have an out if they were actually going to use it, which is to adjust estimated delivery dates. They haven’t yet for this package, which is why I’m worrying about the pending 30 day “deadline.”

Contact the post office on the package and tell them the buyer was refunded due to the delay. Ask for the package to be intercepted and sent back to you. They can do that. You will lose out on postage but at least you will get the books back.

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I think as long as tracking shows it’s been dropped off and scanned, you’re in better standing. Is the buyer being impatient?

I can’t even get my post office to “hold my mail” when I’m on vacation… I’d have doubts mine would be able to intercept a package while in transit… :wink:

I’m the buyer! Thus, I want to make sure I give the seller loooooots of patience, but I also don’t want to be out both the comic and my money if I can help it.

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