eBay Headaches

I swear, everytime I post in here that sales slowed down, I get a $300 day…maybe I should post in this thread daily….

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I have been using managed payments for 6months. It sucked but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve been killing it lately. I have large payout coming to me- was supposed to payout tomorrow-and eBay says they need to re-verify my bank account, which will take up to 7 days. Very bad timing due to one of the largest payouts I’ve ever had. First time I have ever lost it and cussed and yelled at a customer service rep- I try to maintain my composure for the most part and did end up apologizing- he was just doing his job, not making decisions. Ebay said it was a secondary layer of protection to verify accounts. I told them I wouldn’t be shipping anything, which sucks for all the people who have bought off me, but I can’t ship all my stuff just to not get the money 7 days from now because they can’t re-verify my account for some stupid reason. Anyone else run into this after a few months of doing managed payments?

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I haven’t had that issue, but can’t you set it to pay you out daily?

Yes. That is what I have set up. This is them saying the need to reverify the bank account I’ve been using for payouts for 6 months now. EBay has my payout account on hold while the verify my bank account for a second time.

Wow, that’s the first I’ve heard of that happening. Very strange.

The way they talked to me everyone should expect it at some point after they’ve used managed payments for a few months.

I can’t remember when it activated on my account, but I’m thinking it was last September…I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but I actually enjoy the fees and everything being taken out immediately, and then I have it set to payout once a week. I don’t believe they have ever done that verification deal, unless it was at the very very beginning.

I have verified my bank account several times and it still Tells me I am unverified.

Also, I refunded a guys purchase who said the box came empty but eBay is still holding money. It won’t release it until he verified I refunded him.

I just got done with a case with a real piece of work. Same guy I posted above that said the code didn’t work. I took @agentpoyo 's advice and tried to help them get their code through DC. Even did the ground work and found the link, all the guy had to do was put his name, email, and the code that didn’t work into a form, and DC would have sent him a new one.

The buyer kept responding with, “Send refund now! Code doesn’t work!” over and over. I was polite and just kept stating the same thing…then finally just told him I will let ebay come in and review the case since he wasn’t trying at all to resolve the issue. He wouldn’t even send me a photo that he had actually used the code. Like I said, a real piece of work.

Finally, I submitted a case to ebay once I was able to, and they simply asked the buyer to return the item. I responded to them stating that had I, as the seller, acted like he did, they would have refunded the buyer no questions asked…and it was unacceptable to make a judgement like this against a reputable seller. I also let them know that I’m working hard to take all of my business off of ebay because of stuff like this.

It won’t change anything, but at least I gave them my 2 cents!


I had to do the same thing. Why they couldn’t just verify an olderdeposit is baffling but my bank shows pending deposits and debits so I was able to verify it within a day.

This is a reason why in my Fortnite Batman listings on Mercari, I said for sale is the comic, you get the redeem code as a bonus and is not part of the actual sale. I just avoid arses who want something for nothing.

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Unsure if this should be a separate post but what’s everyone’s thoughts of eBay’s policy change regarding sellers needing to link their bank account and ssn in order to get paid? I for one am very weary about providing such info to a non-bank entity. Where will you sell now if you don’t sell on eBay, besides Mercari?

This probably has something to do with the new law that takes effect next years where you have to claim anything over $600 in sales.

Legally you’ve always had to claim sales. The change in the law is that companies like eBay now have to send the tax forms to the irs if you hit $600 in sales. It used to be $20,000 but regardless unless you want to get audited and owe extra money claim and pay your taxes on online sales.

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Mercari will ask for same info. Any established online seller collecting money to pay to you will need this info to report your earning to the IRS. There is no getting around it.

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Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Small Conventions in 2022.
They will become many sellers best friends; if they aren’t already.


I’m curious how they will regulate the IG / FB live sales people do.

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Who? IRS? If you’re still going through Paypal to accept payments, Paypal will submit the info to the IRS. The only way to avoid paying your taxes really without any type of audit trail is cash exchange in person. Which you should still calculate cause if you deposit cash into your bank account, there’s the audit line that the IRS will ask… “What was that deposit from?” :wink:

Only two things are for sure in life. Death and taxes.

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You should see what’s under my mattress :rofl:

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